April 2010 archive

AT&T Wi Fi Network Only Goes Up

AT&T, you amaze me everyday… “AT&T Wi-Fi Network Usage Soars to More Than 53 Million Connections in the First Quarter” reads the headline of a press release sent out from AT&T. Another big high five for you! Thanks to the to the primary Wi-Fi industry leader, AT&T, our nation consists of more than 20,000 Wi-Fi …

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AT&T’s iPad Hits Shelves Leaves Concerns About Bandwidth Availability.

There has been significant chatter about the iPad’s ability and the desire of its owners to snap up bandwidth so much that it will strain AT&T’s already tested mobile network.

AT&T Invests… $1 Billion Dollars into Global Network Infrastructure. So?

AT&T’s throwing another billion dollars at small business product enhancements.

AT&T Worldwide Broadband Update

FCC and AT&T Broadband – what’s going on around here?