Saving on AT&T U-verse with Promotional Cards

Saving money on home telephone, Internet and television service is much easier these days with bundle packages that provide customers with everything they need for a whole lot less. Featuring a single bill, low monthly pricing and plenty of services, AT&T’s U-verse is fast becoming a hugely popular choice in this arena. Even though the … Read more

Vonage mobile application for iPhone®, Blackberry® and iPod Touch®

One area that regular land-line phones have an advantage over cell phones is making international calls. Although it’s still pricey on any dial-up phone line, any international call will be made. Some cell phone plans don’t allow for international calling at all. However, just as when Vonage, the Voice over Internet Protocol service provider, changed … Read more

AT&T U-verse TV and Xbox 360

When Microsoft created its Xbox 360 it had more than gaming in mind. The vision was to create a single system that could serve as a hub of entertainment for an entire family. Going well beyond games, the Xbox 360 was designed to deliver communications, television, movies and much more. AT&T U-verse helps make the … Read more