AT&T U-verse vs. Time Warner Cable

When it’s time to invest in cable programming, most consumers these days want to get the biggest bang for their money. After all, large companies like AT&T and Time Warner are constantly upping the ante to lure consumers into their corners. Both companies, in fact, offer exceptional bundle packages, but one does stand out when … Read more

VoIP vs. Landline Phone

As Voice over Internet Protocol phone services become more sophisticated and reliable, many people are wondering if it’s worth trading in their landline phones. The simple answer is yes and no. It really all comes down to the VoIP provider selected versus the landline service currently enjoyed. When a good VoIP service provider is selected, … Read more

Vonage 911 Calling

One of the fallacies about Voice over Internet Protocol services, such as Vonage, is that 911 emergency service is not available. Only in the rarest instances is that not true for customers who use the Vonage service as their home phone system. 911 emergency service for Vonage customers works slightly differently than for regular land-line … Read more