AT&T’s iPad Hits Shelves Leaves Concerns About Bandwidth Availability.

Although the 3G version of Apple’s latest geek-gear is less popular (and more expensive) than its Wi-Fi version, there has been significant chatter about the iPad’s ability and the desire of its owners to snap up bandwidth so much that it will strain AT&T’s already tested mobile network.

However, analysts are not worried. Under the premise that an iPad isn’t as portable (ie; you can’t run around with it in your pocket) as an iPhone or iPod Touch, and the considerable price for a 3G-equipped phone – think $630.00 as a starting point, supposedly the segment is too small to worry about.

Also, current and future plans for improving and upgrading AT&T’s network is already in the loop, if not as a reaction to an aggressive ad campaign impugning AT&T’s coverage, than to just bring it up to speed with upcoming technology. 4G anyone?

Of course, most opinions are speculative at this point, but numbers like 300,000 sold iPads this Saturday speak of a not-diminishing user-base for this product and its potential for network usage heading into Q3. If anything, it would be nice to see AT&T services update to competitive coverage for not just Apple–based products, but for its laptop and mobile users across the board.

I guess this one’s a waiting game – supply vs. demand is not only a financial reference, but one AT&T will have to address as a data carrier now more than ever.

If you’ve got an iPad, feel free to chime in. Are you on Netflix? Streaming music? We’d love to know!

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