AT&T Cable

Many people are getting tired of the way they’re being treated by the cable companies. They still want access to the vast amount of programming that cable provides without having to install a bulky and unsightly satellite dish. Luckily, AT&T has a product that’s even better than traditional cable, but still features all the same great programming and services. Some still call it AT&T Cable while this is certainly much more than that.

AT&T U-verse TV uses state-of-the-art fiber optic lines to provide cable television service to its customers. Because light can operate faster and hold more information than can electricity running on coaxial copper cables, U-verse can run not only a household’s television service, but also its Internet, land-line phone, and other wireless devices without any dead spots or service interruptions.

More impressive is that the U-verse TV service, along with all the other U-verse products, is run through the Wireless Gateway, a wireless system powerful enough to run all the U-verse platforms. Installation is a breeze with the Wireless Gateway, so much so that in some locations, AT&T allows subscribers to install their products themselves! All an AT&T technician will have to do is connect a subscriber’s home to the fiber optic network. The technician won’t have to run a network of wires through a subscriber’s home. Every television connected to U-verse, every Internet connection, and every phone line can be access wirelessly through the Wireless Gateway.

The fiber optic network also allows U-verse to broadcast more high-definition stations than most cable networks. There’s also a massive library of on-demand programming. There are also several Multiview channels on U-verse, allowing subscribers to follow several channels of the same genre at once. Plus Multiview allows a subscriber to create their own Multiview mix. Another feature that standard cable can’t do is produce a picture-in-picture to follow two stations at the same time. No longer does a viewer need a special television to achieve this, either.

Subscribers to both U-verse TV and U-verse high speed Internet have even more content to choose from while watching television. This includes:

  • AT&T U-bar – This feature allows viewers to keep track of local weather, traffic, sports, and stocks.
  • Media Share and Online Photos – Subscribers can view photos from a hard drive or through, plus listen to music stored on a hard drive. This comes standard with U-verse.

With all the options available plus the optimal performance, AT&T U-verse TV is the better choice when comparing it to standard cable.

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