AT&T Makes International Calling Better

International calling has always been expensive. It has also been complicated sometimes because of multiple phone service providers being used, or because of too many steps like with calling cards. AT&T is out to change all that with a free smartphone application that allows users to make international calls at extremely low and competitive rates. The app is called AT&T Call International, which is a mobile VoIP app which lets users make calls through the app.

AT&T smartphone users can download the app for free. It’s available in most smartphone marketplaces. Downloading and installing the app is quickly and easy. Once installed, the app takes users through setting up an AT&T Call International account. Customers can make international calls as soon as the account is created.

The AT&T Call International app works in one of two ways. Users can dial from the app itself or import their existing contact list. For users who already have their international contacts in their phone, there is no need to enter numbers twice. The app isn’t just for use in the United States either. AT&T customers can still take advantage of international calling in other countries as well.

The app works using standard data rates in the United States. When abroad, customers can use the app over a Wi-Fi connection. Every call made is directly billed to the customer’s credit card. No more having to have a calling card to make international calls.

The service is the perfect way to make international calling easy. For some, international calling is complicated. In addition, it is typically expensive. Instead, AT&T has decided it is time to make it easier, while making it affordable. Since we can’t all live in the same country, why should anyone be punished for calling friends and family out of country by paying exorbitant rates?

Customers are already used to AT&T’s competitive rates. Now, they have passed low rates on to international calling as well. This includes calls make from outside the United States. Customers now know upfront what they can expect to pay, regardless of where they are.

The AT&T Call International account takes care of everything else for the customer. An easy step by step process makes setting up an international calling account simple for users for all levels. AT&T has proven that technology doesn’t have to make things more complicated or expensive. Any AT&T Wireless smartphone user can use this app with ease. Anyone wanting to contact their friends or loved ones in other countries can now do so without fear of breaking their budget or spending hours simply trying to figure out how to call them.

All this can be nicely packaged in one convenient bill if a user is subscribed to the other AT&T service like U-verse.

Now, I think I should mention that Vonage has already been offering their own app which works in a similar way if a user has any Vonage home plan. The app is called Vonage Extensions and it basically extends user’s existing home service to another phone like mobile. But in this case user’s mobile minutes are being used. From that perspective, AT&T Call International is a real winner because of its ability to utilize Wi-Fi.

AT&T also offers international calling via its landlines.

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    This might be off topic, however, With the growing world of technology around us, we are always trying to find ways to stay connected with our friends and family. No matter where they are in the world, we want to know what is going on in their lives all the time. Now with the use of the internet we can make cheap international calls from anywhere in the world, to anywhere in the world. Even though people are excited about social media, it is still good to hear the voices of those we miss the most. Being able to afford to make these calls are not always as easy as it seems. They can become quite expensive depending on where you are living, and where you are calling.

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