AT&T Wi Fi Network Only Goes Up

AT&T, you amaze me everyday…

AT&T Wi-Fi Network Usage Soars to More Than 53 Million Connections in the First Quarter” reads the headline of a press release sent out from AT&T.

Another big high five for you! Thanks to the to the primary Wi-Fi industry leader, AT&T, our nation consists of more than 20,000 Wi-Fi hotspots in America and AT&T hit 53.1 million connections within the first quarter. AT&T smartphone users appreciate the Wi-Fi hotspots to stay connected everywhere they go. Not only are smartphone users satisfied, but AT&T also serves millions of customers supported by AT&T broadband services.

At the end of the first quarter almost 32 million AT&T customers had Wi-Fi access including their AT&T supported smartphone.  AT&T’s high speed Internet is highly valued and continues to grow. A lot of the AT&T smartphones detect a Hot Spot with an auto-authentication system “making it more convenient for customers to connect.”

As AT&T continues to rise and expand their Wi-Fi devices are becoming more and more impressive. People will have the ability to download bigger files, for example, a person 5 minutes prior to a big business meeting, needs to download a presentation and would easily be able to do that through their smartphone. Again… Amazing. AT&T, you are changing our generation by the minute.

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