AT&T Rewards

Like many companies, AT&T rewards its customers with loyalty programs. The company offers many discounts, rewards, and rebates. With the AT&T Rewards Center, customers can keep track of all their bonuses online and in one easy location.

Subscribers to all of AT&T’s products and services are eligible to manage and claim their rewards from the Reward Center. This includes:

  • AT&T Wireless Rewards
  • AT&T High Speed Internet Direct Rewards
  • AT&T U-verse Rewards
  • Other AT&T rewards promotions

Subscribers to these services can use the Reward Center to check the status of redeemed rewards, redeem the rewards online, print out rebate forms (when available), or see a list of what rewards they are eligible for. If a customer subscribes to one or more of the services listed above, he or she must log in to each area separately in order to receive all of their benefits.

AT&T customers should wait three to four weeks before attempting to use the Rewards Center. This allows AT&T to make sure all of a subscriber’s information is entered into their records, and will ensure rewards aren’t processed before then.

If an AT&T customer is eligible for a reward after making a purchase at an AT&T store, a customer service representative will give instructions on how to redeem the reward. After the paperwork has been successfully sent to AT&T, a customer can keep track of the status of the reward at the Rewards Center online if he or she purchased an AT&T Wireless Gateway, an AT&T High Speed Internet Modem, or an Advance TV service, like U-verse. Any other purchases bought at an AT&T store must go to the Wireless Rebate center online.

Most rewards and rebates take about four to six weeks to process after it has been submitted through the Rewards Center or mailed in. Real-time status updates for all rewards are available at the Rewards Center.

Information on how to participate in AT&T Rewards should arrive to a subscriber’s mailing address within four weeks of the installation date. If the information doesn’t arrive, first check the Rewards Center to see if any eligible rewards are displayed there. If a subscriber still believes he or she is eligible for rewards not listed, then contact the Rewards Center through their “contact us” link for clarification.

Most rewards must be redeemed within 30 days of a subscriber first receiving notice of eligibility. However, this varies depending on the AT&T promotion, so make sure to read over the documentation.

Some of the most popular services are U-verse High Speed Internet and AT&T U-verse TV service.

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