AT&T U-verse Customers Get More On The Go Options

As mobile devices become commonplace and more providers find themselves offering on-the-go entertainment solutions, some television providers are finding they have to scramble to keep up. This isn’t the case for AT&T U-verse. This high speed Internet based services provider is staying ahead of the curve, constantly adding viewing options for its subscribers. AT&T U-verse customers, in fact, aren’t locked into a single viewing platform. What’s better is the fact that their viewing choices keep on expanding.

A recent case in point is AT&T U-verse announcement that it would offer STARZ and Encore programming for subscribers over its U-verse Online website. Through this website, subscribers are able to access their favorite shows from virtually anywhere at any time (desktop computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone).

While U-verse Online viewing of Starz and Encore content is only available to subscribers that have these premium channels, the addition is a big one for users. Here’s what the announcement means for customers using AT&T U-verse:

  • The service is demonstrating its commitment to stay ahead of the curve – AT&T U-verse subscribers are constantly being offered new programming options and new platform choices. This demonstrates a commitment to ensure that customers get the very best.  As the company works to expand its programming catalog, subscribers will continue to benefit from the innovation AT&T embraces.
  • Access to favorite programs is easier and more responsive – Viewers who just can’t get enough “Spartacus” or “Torchwood” no longer have to wait to get home to see their favorite shows. Courtesy of this expansion, subscribers can watch the shows they want when they want, where they want and how they want. AT&T U-verse Online is available via mobile devices and computers. This technically means viewers can watch while they’re at work, sitting on a bus or train during a commute, shopping and more.
  • Consumers are getting more bang for their buck – While AT&T U-verse is considered one of the most affordable – and best – alternatives to cable television, the fact of the matter is it does cost money. Subscribers who use this option are getting more for their money’s worth thanks to AT&T U-verse’s commitment to expanding and enhancing its services.

Viewers who just can’t get enough of Starz and Encore movies and original series have reason to celebrate. Thanks to AT&T U-verse programming from these two paid networks is now available to them online and on the go. The recent addition of Starz and Encore products via U-verse Online adds value and options that only subscribers can enjoy.


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