AT&T U-verse Equipment Overview

Back in 2010, I wrote about AT&T U-verse equipment. Now I believe it is the time to do it again, among other, due to the new wireless receiver.

The days of clunky old cable boxes that do little more than funnel a few channels into a home are over. AT&T U-verse customers, in fact, enjoy state-of-the-art technology included in their monthly membership fees.

A quick look at the equipment provided by AT&T U-verse shows that this company tries to provide its customers with everything they need to enjoy a topnotch viewing experience.

Here’s a look at the basics provided by AT&T U-verse:

A DVR Receiver

AT&T U-verse provides customers with their own DVR receiver. This goes beyond an average receiver in the fact it provides users with a lot more options than channel changing. Here are some of the features offered along with the AT&T U-verse DVR:

  • Ability to control recordings – A DVR receiver is also a video recorder. Using digital technology, this device enables viewers to schedule their recordings, update them and delete them.
  • Control viewing – With a DVR receiver from AT&T U-verse, customers can pause, fast forward and rewind live television and recorded shows on any television in their homes.
  • Separate control of viewing – AT&T U-verse receivers enable users to watch the very same program on different televisions in a home while letting individuals viewers control their shows differently. One viewer, for example, might play a show all the way through. Another could easily pause it and come back without skipping a beat.

AT&T U-verse’s DVR receivers offer a number of other perks that take this television programming well beyond normal “cable.”

Wireless Receiver

This AT&T U-verse exclusive enables customers to watch television pretty much anywhere in their homes they’d like. The receiver can stream live HD and SD television programming and functions like a standard receiver. This means it includes Total Home DVR service, U-verse Movies and pay-per-view functions.

The Standard Receiver

Even basic programming customers of AT&T U-verse will enjoy a receiver that goes beyond average by leaps and bounds. The company’s standard receiver boasts Total Home DVR features and offers full DVR capabilities.

Customers’ Xbox 360

Believe it or not, AT&T U-verse customers with Xbox 360s can use this gaming device as a receiver in the room where it is installed. From an Xbox 360, U-verse customers can:

  • Watch live television;
  • Switch easily from playing games to watching television;
  • Manage their DVR recordings;
  • Keep up with other activities on Xbox LIVE.

AT&T U-verse equipment covers the bases so customers can enjoy television programming the way they want to. From Total Home DVR experiences to wireless capabilities, AT&T U-verse takes its technology seriously.

5 thoughts on “AT&T U-verse Equipment Overview”

  1. My service was upgraded 12/28/2019. Out of the 4 boxed receivers 2 started 1 failed and 1 had to
    be reset by tech support. Since then there have been 20 occurrences with the receivers and DVR.
    Twice the DVR has powered down and our gateway powered itself down. When I called the help
    line an automated answer machine reset the gateway as a solution to the problem. The device
    failures continue with no help and now the DVR interrupts tv’s after 2 recordings. New equipment
    should be more dependable than this.

  2. I am a senior living alone and I lost the signal to the TV. for whatever reason I could not get help from an ATT technician. The computer help is too confusing to me. It tells me to click a button on the gateway and I don’t even know what the gateway looks like because there are three boxes and they are not marked gateway. So that’s where I’m at right now..nowhere

  3. What the heck does a gateway receiver look like?? I’m 89 yrs old and can’t get help from an ATT technician because I lost the signal to my TV. Why doesn’t ATT show a picture of the components???

  4. I absolutely agree!

    Label all the components with a visible name for example Modem, Gateway, receiver box and on and on. Trying to follow instructions online or by phone is hard enough. I’m having the same trouble as Ms. Hughes.

  5. AT&T used to be the best telecommunications company in the United States. Now they are one of the worst. Hands down. Horrible customer service which has all been farmed out to overseas to increase their profit margin. You know so top exec’s can have their own private jets and their beautiful sprawling vacation homes and let’s not forget their wonderfully structured bonus programs where they recieve millions of dollars. I live in a rural area where internet still comes thru a landline jack in the wall. I’ve had a technician tell me “When I connect you someone else is disconnected ” because the box where the wiring is looks like a rat nest. I’ve also had a technician tell me while connecting me say “their going to tell you you have fiberoptic, but you don’t “. Its all a bunch of bulls***! People who live in rural areas have no options so basically they are forced to commit to ATT and their contracts. They offer you a initial discount then after time expires price increases. For what? Service is no better. My 80 yr old mother had a landline and internet with AT&T, please know she has been a on time paying customer for 60+ years. She gets a cell phone and decides to have her landline removed to reduce her bill. But guess what!!! Her bill increases when she has landline removed. This makes no sense! I recently had to request a new router because mine had been struck by lightning. I received my new one, returned the old one per AT&T’s request. (You know so they can refurbish it, God forbid they provide new ones to their customers, that might cut into their bonuses!) I tracked it to make sure they received it, which they did. After receiving daily calls requesting router back I had to take my valuable time and call AT&T stay on hold for over 30 minutes to provide them the tracking number that they provided me so they could see if they had received it. Customer service representative told me please hold so I can make a note in your file confirming that router had been returned promptly. Guess what AT&T still calling me wanting their router back. Oh yeah as well as making it very clear that I would be charged for not returning their equipment. Good ole AT&T guess what you are in possession of your burnt out router. So I have to call them again, stay on hold and wait in que to have a customer service representative that can barely speak English put me on hold to make a note in my file showing that I returned their equipment. So the name of the game is the golden rule. THE ONE WITH ALL THE GOLD MAKES ALL THE RULES!! Screw your customers, if they want internet (we are in the 21st century who in the he** doesn’t want/need internet) they must go through AT&T. Enjoy your service, NEXT!

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