AT&T U-verse Equipment Overview

Back in 2010, I wrote about AT&T U-verse equipment. Now I believe it is the time to do it again, among other, due to the new wireless receiver.

The days of clunky old cable boxes that do little more than funnel a few channels into a home are over. AT&T U-verse customers, in fact, enjoy state-of-the-art technology included in their monthly membership fees.

A quick look at the equipment provided by AT&T U-verse shows that this company tries to provide its customers with everything they need to enjoy a topnotch viewing experience.

Here’s a look at the basics provided by AT&T U-verse:

A DVR Receiver

AT&T U-verse provides customers with their own DVR receiver. This goes beyond an average receiver in the fact it provides users with a lot more options than channel changing. Here are some of the features offered along with the AT&T U-verse DVR:

  • Ability to control recordings – A DVR receiver is also a video recorder. Using digital technology, this device enables viewers to schedule their recordings, update them and delete them.
  • Control viewing – With a DVR receiver from AT&T U-verse, customers can pause, fast forward and rewind live television and recorded shows on any television in their homes.
  • Separate control of viewing – AT&T U-verse receivers enable users to watch the very same program on different televisions in a home while letting individuals viewers control their shows differently. One viewer, for example, might play a show all the way through. Another could easily pause it and come back without skipping a beat.

AT&T U-verse’s DVR receivers offer a number of other perks that take this television programming well beyond normal “cable.”

Wireless Receiver

This AT&T U-verse exclusive enables customers to watch television pretty much anywhere in their homes they’d like. The receiver can stream live HD and SD television programming and functions like a standard receiver. This means it includes Total Home DVR service, U-verse Movies and pay-per-view functions.

The Standard Receiver

Even basic programming customers of AT&T U-verse will enjoy a receiver that goes beyond average by leaps and bounds. The company’s standard receiver boasts Total Home DVR features and offers full DVR capabilities.

Customers’ Xbox 360

Believe it or not, AT&T U-verse customers with Xbox 360s can use this gaming device as a receiver in the room where it is installed. From an Xbox 360, U-verse customers can:

  • Watch live television;
  • Switch easily from playing games to watching television;
  • Manage their DVR recordings;
  • Keep up with other activities on Xbox LIVE.

AT&T U-verse equipment covers the bases so customers can enjoy television programming the way they want to. From Total Home DVR experiences to wireless capabilities, AT&T U-verse takes its technology seriously.

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