AT&T U-verse Equipment

It’s no secret that AT&T U-verse provides much better all-around service than most of other cable or satellite companies. Not just because others are less good, but because of the technology supporting the U-verse TV service. Whether its television, high-speed internet, or telephone service, U-verse features the most innovative products and the best choices for its subscribers. One of the reasons is the equipment that comes with being a part of the U-verse family.

It starts with the U-verse wireless gateway. This gateway is what allows all of the U-verse equipment to communicate with each other. First of all, the gateway allows different television receivers throughout the house to communicate with each other. The gateway, teamed with the powerful U-verse router, combine to give the subscriber access to High Speed Internet.

The wireless gateway also acts as a hot spot for all electronic equipment inside a subscriber’s home, such as wireless printers, Wi-Fi cameras, laptops, storage devices, and any other wireless devices. Speaking of the U-verse High Speed Internet, another piece of equipment (if we can call it that way, this would rather be software) that isn’t tangible is the AT&T Internet Security Suite, provided by McAfee. The Internet Security Suite offers SpamGuard; Disposable E-mail address; McAfee Site Advisor, which ranks Web sites to protect users against dangerous sites; two-way firewall protection; and parental controls, which allow adults to set limitations on their children’s Internet usage.

Another piece of equipment is the Total Home DVR. This gives Uverse a more complete DVR functionality than DVR receivers that come with cable or satellite service. The Total Home DVR allows subscribers to record or play back their programming from any television in their home that has a U-verse receiver. Another feature of the Total Home DVR is that it can record up to four programs at the same time from the same DVR receiver. Also, a subscriber can pause a recorded show in one room and continue right where it left off in another room. What makes it even better is that the Total Home DVR comes free with most of the U-verse television plans.

There’s also the AT&T U-verse remote, which unlocks the power to use the upgraded features in the U-verse television service. Just a simple push of a button gives the subscriber access to DVR recorded programs, on-demand programming, and the U-verse U-bar. It also enables the U-verse picture-in-picture, which allows a subscriber to view two programs at once or channel surf while still keeping an eye on the program he or she is watching.

This equipment makes the U-verse a more powerful, more interesting, and more fun entertainment source than what cable or satellite can provide.

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  1. I wish I can transfer recordings from Uverse DVR to my PC. I wonder why this is not included feature in today’s cyber world.

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