AT&T U-verse Features: Part I

AT&T U-verse advanced services offers a full line of products and services, ranging from television to Internet to land-line phone. Below are just some of the features that are available to U-verse subscribers.


Most people by now know that a DVR is a digital video recorder. It allows a user to record television programming without the need of external media, such as a VCR cassette tape. With AT&T U-verse TV, all subscribers (except subscribers to the U-100 option) are provided with AT&T’s Total Home DVR. Available only through U-verse, the Total Home DVR allows subscribers to record up to four programs simultaneously, and industry best. Other features include:

  • Series Delete – Delete an entire series at once instead of hunting for recorded episodes.
  • Live TV pause and rewind – Only available to the TV directly connected to the Total Home DVR.
  • Individual viewing – Four different receivers can show the same recorded program, even at the same times at different intervals.

Games and sports

U-verse provides access to the best sports programming and packages available. Whether it’s college football (ESPN Game Plan) or hockey (NHL Center Ice), or a subscriber’s local Fox Sports affiliate, U-verse provides tons of sports programming. It also features the Free On Demand – Sports channel, providing even more sports programming at the subscriber’s convenience.

There’s also access to great gaming on U-verse via AT&T Yahoo! Games. Channel 92 offers favorite interactive games, such as Sudoku, Mah-Jongg Tiles, and Solitaire.

High Definition TV

U-verse brings High Definition TV to its customers over its fiber optic network, bringing a better quality picture than standard cable and satellite providers can. However, subscribers must have at least a 720p capable HDTV in order to view the high definition programming. U-verse HDTV offers Dolby Digital surround sound, 2.1 million pixel quality, and true widescreen broadcast format.

Interactive Features

U-verse offers several interactive options, including:

  • U-bar – View personalized sports, weather, traffic, and stock market reports on TV.
  • – Search the Yellow Pages with a call-to-click feature.
  • Channel Shortcuts – Group similar channels (news, sports, kids) with this function.

Media Share & Photos

U-verse offers two ways to use stored files on a subscriber’s television. With Media Share, a subscriber can view photos or listen to music files on a U-verse connected television. This way, photos can be viewed on a large screen, while music filed can be heard through either the television or through a stereo connected to the television.

AT&T Online Photos service allows a subscriber to view the main account holder’s photos that are stored on on a U-verse connected television.

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