AT&T U-verse Features: Part II

After AT&T U-verse Features Part I, here is the long expected part II about AT&T U-verse service features:

With AT&T U-verse Internet, TV, phone service, centered around its Residential Gateway, subscribers have access to some of the most advanced features available to multi-platform entertainment providers. Here are some more of the features offered by U-verse:

Multiview and Picture-In-Picture

U-verse offers four standard Multiview channels, allowing subscribers to see what’s on multiple channels of the same genre. Currently, U-verse TV offers Multiview channels for Sports, News, and Kids. The fourth is My Multiview, which allows subscribers to view up to four multiple channels of their own choosing. Each television connected to U-verse can have its own four stations, and up to different stations can be chosen this way. Also included are Multiview channels for ESPN Game Plan and ESPN Full Court when subscribers purchase those packages, plus special sports Multiview channels for the Olympics and other special events.

Picture-in-picture is standard for U-verse TV subscribers. A viewer can view a second channel in a small box on the screen without leaving the channel that he or she is watching. It’s great for keeping up with multiple sporting events or keeping an eye on the ball game while watching the news.

Parental Controls

There are several different ways U-verse offers parents to monitor or control a child’s access to multiple platforms:

* AT&T Internet Parental Controls allows parents to manage the amount of time and restrict hours that children can stay online, plus e-mail and content filters.
* U-verse TV Parental Controls can block premium content purchase and limit viewing by ratings.

Remote Access

Viewing and managing live and recorded programming is available on some of the most popular smart phones through the U-verse Mobile App. Supported products include the iPhone, BlackBerry Torch, BlackBerry Curve 9300, Windows Phone 7 devices, and Android devices.

U-verse customers can also manage their DVR scheduling via the Internet through AT&T Web Remote Access.

TV Programming

U-verse features a competitive lineup of the most popular networks available today. From sports (NFL Network), news (Fox News Channel), kids (Nickelodeon), entertainment (MTV), and more, subscribers can find just about anything at any time.

Also featured is U-verse Online. This allows subscribers to view more than 100,000 clips, shows, and features on their computer and allows TV viewers an enhanced experience.

Video On Demand

Instead of waiting for a disk to arrive in the mail or renting a disk from a kiosk, U-verse subscribers can use Video On Demand to watch movies and other programming. New releases can be rented, with the convenience of being billed on a subscriber’s next statement.

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