AT&T U-verse Interactive Applications – Multiview

AT&T U-verse offers a lot of features with their services, but if these features aren’t really up your alley, then they don’t really amount to “features” so much as “bells and whistles”. They get in the way, they give you just one too many buttons on your remote control or desktop, and they never really find any use in your daily affairs. Or… you love them.

So this is the first installment in a series regarding whether or not the AT&T interactive applications provided with their services are really worth the time and money. We’ll start with U-verse TV Multiview, offered through the AT&T U-verse TV service package.

What Is It?

You remember in the nineties when everybody got really excited about “picture in picture”, where you could shrink one channel down to about a fifth of the total screen and keep up with the game score while watching a movie or something? Well it’s like that, but with up to four channels playing at a time.

The aim here is to provide viewers with the option of keeping up with any number of programs. You can watch the news and the game and a movie all while channel surfing to see if there’s anything better on.

Is AT&T U-verse TV Multiview Any Good?

It depends on your TV watching habits. If you absolutely hate, hate, hate TV commercials and tend to channel surf every time they come on, then multiview allows you to do so without missing any of the show when they come back from commercial.

A recent study on channel surfing showed that most viewers actually have what you’d call a “casual relationshp” with their television. If nothing else, this shows that most of us, with our short attention spans, could definitely gain something from multiview.

On the other hand, if you just can’t seem to agree with your wife on what to watch, well, you can both catch your favorite shows!

What Does It Cost?

Multiview is actually included in the AT&T U-verse package from the get go, so no extra cost. If you don’t like it, don’t use it. Otherwise, you’ll probably be glad it’s there.

Even if you can’t see yourself getting much use out of it, you never know. One day you might just be wondering what else is on while watching a movie you’ve already seen a dozen times, and you can channel surf to your heart’s content while keeping that movie in the corner as your fallback option. In any event, either you’ll find it convenient, or you won’t even know it’s there.

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