AT&T U-verse Interactive Applications – Part II

Mobile Remote Access

Welcome to the second installment of our look into the interactive applications offered by AT&T U-Verse services! Today we’re talking about Mobile Remote Access.

Okay, we got the introduction out of the way last time, so let’s jump right into it.

What Is It?

Mobile remote access is essentially a technological development that allows you to get into your computer from anywhere in the world by way of your laptop or your cell phone or any other wireless device.

The aim here is to allow users to, say, email that important document they forgot while on a business trip, record programs on their DVR from anywhere, or double check something on their computer without having to call home and ask their roommate to check it for them. It’s all about convenience.

The way it works for television is quite simple. You log onto the service through Yahoo, go to Media Net Home, categories, more categories, select Yahoo, AT&T Y! Mobile Remote and put in your member ID and password. Simple. It’s like a remote control that works from halfway around the world.

It’s also an interesting glimpse into the future of computing. In another five, ten years, very few computers are likely to have much in the way of hard drives inside of their shells. We’re talking about “cloud computing” here, wherein all of the real computing is done somewhere else while your laptop or wireless device simply serves as a portal into an online server somewhere. For now, we can see a hint of what this will be in the form of, say, an iPhone that you’re using to access your home PC.

Is It Any Good?

AT&T U-Verse have upped the ante by offering high speed access to your home computer from pretty much any mobile device, as well as anyone else’s computer, your laptop, your iPhone, whatever. Whether or not it’s for you depends on how much traveling you do and how integral your home computer and television habits are to your everyday life.

If you prefer to just get away from everything when you travel, then you probably leave your phone at home on vacation, so what good is it? But for the rest of us, it comes in quite handy.

What Does It Cost?

Just like AT&T U-Verse multiview, remote access comes with the whole package. You just go to the website and tell your TV or computer what to do from wherever you are, simple as that, and it’s free.

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