AT&T U-verse Interactive Applications – Part III

In the last two entries in this series on AT&T U-Verse interactive applications, we spotlighted just two features: Multiview and Mobile Remote Access. Now, if we were to do this with every single feature, we’d be here for long time on this one subject.

So today we’ll cover a few different features: Caller ID, MWI on TV, AT&T Weather on Demand and AT&T U-Bar. Let’s get started.

Caller ID

It’s caller ID, what else do you want? Well, okay. It’s integrated with your address book and databases so that you can get the name and number of anyone calling you as well as other vital statistics in relation to the caller. This is helpful if you just want to keep things a little more organized.


Message Waiting Indication. This goes along with Caller ID and keeps you updated on calls that are waiting to be checked. This is quite convenient and really transforms the notion of “answering machine” into something more like your email inbox, where you can see who emailed you and when. It just makes things a lot more convenient.

Weather on Demand

What can you say about Weather on Demand besides this: It’s very, very convenient. Typically you’re going to be watching the weather channel early in the morning to try and see what it’s like out there, but with AT&T’s weather on demand, you can check any time of day and get up-to-the-minute updates if there’s a cold front or rain clouds moving in, ensuring that you don’t wind up sitting in a convertible soaking wet ever again.


U-Bar is an example of where the internet is heading: Seamless blending of telephone, internet and television content. The aim here is to bring more internet-like content to the television experience, so from your recliner, you can check stocks, weather, traffic, sports, whatever you want, and you can customize it to focus on just what you need to know. It’s really helpful if you ever find yourself wondering how your portfolio is doing while watching the game and you’d really rather not get up and walk all the way to the computer.

Again, these are the sort of features that are great if you need them and easy enough to ignore if you don’t, but more importantly, they show where we’re headed with telecommunications, and we may eventually see the day when internet, television and telephone services are integrated to the point where you can’t tell one from the other anymore. AT&T U-verse TV seems to be on the right track.

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