AT&T U-verse Makes the Grade With Viewers

AT&T U-verse is gaining national acclaim for its ability to satisfy customers. According to J.D. Power and Associates, this cable alternative gets the highest marks for customer satisfaction in just about every region of the country it serves (North Central, South, and West). In all regions where it serves, in fact, it tops all other television providers. Here is one of the tables showing the scoring:

J.D. Power and Associates’ study takes a number of factors into account, too. AT&T U-verse ranked high in such areas as performance, customer service, cost, billing, programming, offerings, promotions and reliability. The study includes a wide variety of television providers, too. It encompasses IP TV providers, satellite providers and cable.

So, what makes AT&T U-verse the customer choice? AT&T U-verse provides its customers with more than standard cable television service. Users will find AT&T U-verse TV has gone to great lengths to ensure that its users enjoy a robust viewing experience.

Here are a few reasons why users say they prefer AT&T U-verse over other options:

  • Multiscreen viewing capabilities – Customers are not limited to watching their programs on a single device. When AT&T U-verse is put into action, users can watch online, via their Xbox 360s and more. Choice is a big part of what makes this service stand out in users’ eyes.
  • The associated apps – AT&T U-verse has gone to great lengths to ensure its users get a well-rounded experience. Courtesy of a link of related apps, users can look up programs, chat about their favorite shows, find trailers, photos and more. The apps line is designed to make viewing more interactive and it does just that. It essentially takes viewing to a whole new level by making it more social and interactive.
  • The HD capabilities – AT&T U-verse takes a great deal of pride in its high-def lineup. The company, in fact, offers more channels that just about anyone.
  • The Total Home DVR – This feature provides users with more control than a standard DVR. In fact, users can pause, rewind and play their favorite programs using any U-verse receiver in their homes.
  • The reliability – AT&T U-verse is an Internet Protocol-based television provider. This means it relies on the power of the Internet to ensure customers get the best in programming and service. To ensure reliability, AT&T has created an advanced fiber core network that delivers beyond customer expectations. Such network allows AT&T to provide U-verse High Speed Internet service which is the base for U-verse TV service..

There is ordinary television and then there is AT&T U-verse. According to JD Power and Associates’ study, U-verse customers enjoy a more robust, reliable and interactive experience.


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