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It used to be entertainment was limited to television sets at home or movie theater screens. That’s just not the case any longer. Thanks to smartphones and even smarter companies, consumers have the choice of bringing their programming with them anywhere they go. AT&T U-verse has risen to this challenge to deliver its customers a truly mobile experience.

Going beyond standard cable television programming that is limited to home use only, AT&T U-verse has created a network that enables its users to take their entertainment on the road. Courtesy of the AT&T U-verse app, users can get a bigger bang for their buck if they happen to use Apple technology outside of their homes.

The AT&T U-verse Mobile app available for free download on iTunes enables U-verse customers to enjoy a number of features straight from their iPhones. This app lets customers do such things as:

  • Browse – AT&T U-verse Mobile gives users the ability to search their television programming guide to find shows and even schedule recordings for their DVRs at home. This feature makes it easy for AT&T U-verse customers to make sure they never miss their favorite shows. Even if they are miles away from home, they can easily schedule recordings to watch later.
  • Watch – While it’s true that not all AT&T U-verse programming is available on iPhones just yet, users can enjoy a tremendous experience on the road anyway. The mobile app lets users download or stream a large library of programming for viewing on the road. AT&T is constantly working to add titles to its library to ensure that customers get value for their subscription price, too.

The AT&T U-verse Mobile app is currently available for all models of the iPhone and iPod touch. It also works on the iPad, but download and streaming are not yet available. U-verse Mobile is accessible via 3G, Edge and Wi-Fi connections, too, making it highly accessible to those on the road.

AT&T U-verse Mobile takes this company’s “cable” programming several steps beyond the traditional. It provides customers with more value for their money and enables them to gain greater use of their subscriptions no matter where they happen to be.

There is standard cable television and then there is AT&T U-verse. This company has put together a different kind of programming package for customers that want to take their entertainment with them everywhere they go. Thanks to the AT&T U-verse Mobile app customers can enjoy greater value for their investment.

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  1. The U-verse app is good step forward for that app, having on demand content you can watch anywhere is a bonus for sure. The biggest drawback I see is not all the channels are available like the article said. The pay TV industry has become very dynamic in the last year, and very mobile, with every company releasing some kind of on demand content for phones and tablets. Working at DISH I have seen the explosion of apps in the last year, I have been taking a lot of time looking into all of them because all this new tech intrigues me to no end, I still think the best answer for mobile TV, or TV everywhere as it is called, is using my sling adapter with my DISH receiver, it allows me to stream all of my subscribed channels to my android no matter where I am.

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