AT&T U-verse Multi-Screen Experience

In today’s fast-paced world, typical television no longer cuts it for entertainment. That’s why AT&T U-verse has gone above and beyond what an ordinary cable company might provide. Its customers can enjoy a true multi-screen experience, taking their entertainment on the go.

AT&T U-verse TV customers will find their subscriptions enable them to get quality programming on four different platforms with ease. The subscription plan includes:

The Mobile Experience

Smartphones are meant for more than just telephone calls and AT&T U-verse gets that. To prove it, it offers U-verse Mobile. This enables U-verse TV users to do several things on the go, including:

  • Browse – From a smartphone, an AT&T U-verse customer can check out the program guide, view descriptions of upcoming shows and even manage DVR recordings.
  • Download – Certain television shows offered on AT&T U-verse are available for download over any Wi-Fi connection.
  • Watch – An app has been created for customers that lets them watch television shows in full-screen mode from their smartphone screens.

On the Computer

AT&T U-verse customers can also turn their computers into entertainment powerhouses. The plan enables customers to:

  • Get different video content – Gain access to more than 100,000 different titles, including television shows, video clips and movies. Content is available in streaming form for no extra charge.
  • Manage – From their home computers, via U-verse Internet, AT&T U-verse customers can also find out about TV programming, check out events and learn more about apps. In addition, they can schedule and manage their DVR recordings from their computer.

On the Television

AT&T U-verse customers enjoy a television experience that goes above and beyond standard cable. Its features include:

  • The ability to watch and even manage recorded shows from a single DVR. Any television in a home that’s connected to the U-verse Total Home DVR can gain access to the recordings.
  • The ability to watch four channels at a single time using the My Multiview app.
  • HD programming that covers more than 150 channels.

On the Xbox 360

Xbox 360 users can enjoy the U-verse experience in an enhanced way. This device removes the need for users to have an extra U-verse receiver in their homes. Plus, it lets users access apps, DVR recordings, live programming and much more.

Today’s technology enables consumers to take their entertainment wherever they do. AT&T U-verse’s multiscreen experience is meant to facilitate that. From home and office to in the car and beyond, U-verse programming is available almost anywhere a consumer might go.

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