AT&T U-verse Online

AT&T U-verse service isn’t limited to televisions. AT&T U-verse Online allows users to view TV shows, clips, movies and other video online. While most content is free, some content does require users to be an AT&T U-verse subscriber. Existing subscribers receive additional benefits, such as managing their DVR recordings and U-verse guide in the U-verse Online platform.

Using U-verse Online

The requirements of U-verse Online are easy to meet. Computers with Microsoft Windows XP SP2 or higher and Mac OS X are all capable of viewing the service. Users must have Internet Explorer 6 or higher, Firefox 2 or higher or Safari 3 or higher as their browser. Users will also need Adobe Flash Player 9.0.115 or higher. All browsers and the flash player are free.

No account is necessary to view videos through the service. AT&T members should consider logging in for the additional features and functionality. Currently, only views within the United States can view contact due to agreements with content providers.

When And What To Watch

Most of the video content on AT&T U-verse Online is available indefinitely. As is, users can watch anytime day or night. Some content has strict licensing which only allows U-verse to show the content for a limited amount of time. If this is the case, the viewing dates will be listed.

A wide variety of content is available. From premium movie channels to networks such as CBS, Bravo and ABC Family, there is truly something to suit everyone. Full movies, popular television shows and even sports are available online in their entirety. Some content is available in clips only due to licensing restrictions.

Viewing Problems

AT&T U-verse Online has taken great pains to ensure viewers have as few problems as possible while viewing content online. Some of the most common problems with the service are due to Internet service providers. An unlimited, high speed Internet connection is required. Slower connections result in choppy or stalled videos. Limited data connections may also slow down while streaming content.

Other problems typically occur due to numerous programs running at once. If the CPU utilization of the computer is at or above 75%, users should close as many open programs as possible. The processor must have available resources in order to stream content from AT&T U-verse online.

Viewing problems are extremely rare. Sometimes simply refreshing the page will allow content to stream correctly without any further problems.

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