AT&T U-verse Package Comparison

AT&T U-verse service packages have been big news for some time, and for good reason: Competitively priced, user friendly and top notch service. So if you’ve decided to go with AT&T, let’s look at the services they offer and which package you might be interested in.

U-verse TV

This is the main idea of any U-verse package, and is included in the basic “Build Your Own Bundle” which starts at low monthly price, depending on what else you want to add to the package.

AT&T deliver their U-verse television service via IPTV, Internet Protocol Television, which is the format used to deliver things like television on demand. If you’re already going with a U-verse TV package, you may want to go ahead and sign up for U-verse TV. On the other hand, IPTV rarely gives you local channels, so if you already have a television provider, you’ll want to look at the channel listings that AT&T offers in your area to see whether or not you’ll be happy with their services.

You can get a wide variety of premium channels, you can get all kind of great national and world channels, but nevertheless, you may want to double check the listings. On the other hand, if you don’t really care about the weird local cable access shows, U-Verse is pretty complete.

TV and Internet

The next package up includes TV and web, again for a low starting rate per month. The top tier web service from AT&T offers download speeds of twenty four Megabytes per second, which is really fast, and uploads of three per second, which is also very good. The basic package offers one point five megabytes per second download and one megabyte per second upload. Either way, it’s some of the fastest DSL around for sheer, raw speed.

The basic U-family version of this package includes up to 130 channels, while the U200 option includes up to 270 channels (this can change).

All packages include a DVR receiver and two non DVR receivers.

TV, Web and Phone

The TV, web and phone package starts at a competitive price, and includes U-family programming and up to U450, which means up to 430 channels.

Bottom Line: If you’re thinking of switching to U-verse for web, TV and voice, go ahead and look at how much money you might potentially save by ditching your current providers and switching to a package deal.

Whichever package you choose, whether you want an all in one bundle or just the web services, AT&T has long held a reputation for reliable, consistent service, competitive pricing and top quality products.

You may wind up liking their web services but choosing to stick with your DIRECTV, thank you very much, but at the very least, give the package deals a look and see if they can save you a buck or two.

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