AT&T U-verse Receiver Comparison


In last few posts we compared AT&T U-verse vs. Verizon FiOS receivers, and we also did a quick U-verse equipment overview. Now we’ll do a quick comparison between AT&T U-verse receivers.

It doesn’t matter how many channels a television provider offers. If the receiver provided with the subscription doesn’t offer the desired features, entertainment value will suffer. That’s why AT&T U-verse gives its subscribers a number of choices.

AT&T U-verse customers will find they have three main options when it comes to receivers. Each choice delivers its own particular bells and whistles, providing customers with the flexibility they want to match their demands for television viewing.

Here’s a look at the different receiver choices AT&T U-verse customers have available to them and the features each one boasts.

Top Of The Line DVR Receiver

This particular receiver is the top of the line for AT&T U-verse. It puts a tremendous amount of control into the hands of viewers. This U-verse receiver enables subscribers to do a number of things they simply would be unable to with an average television setup. Features include:

  • Ability to record multiple shows – AT&T U-verse’s DVR Receiver has the capability of recording up to four shows on the single DVR. It also lets users play back their recorded shows from any room in their home.
  • Advance control features – The DVR Receiver provided by AT&T U-verse also offers a number of control features that take viewing well beyond normal television. This DVR enables viewers to schedule, update and even delete recordings from any television in a home. It provides pause, fast forward and rewind abilities for live television. In addition, users can play the same recorded show on different televisions and time and control them independently of each other.
  • Superior storage – This DVR offers up to 233 hours of SD recording space. HD viewers can record up to 65 hours of their favorite shows to watch later or again and again.
  • Access to U-verse features – The DVR provides viewers the ability to access such features as the Guide, Menu, U-verse Movies, pay-per-view and more.

The Standard Receiver

While basic level AT&T U-verse subscribers might not get all the bells and whistles of the DVR receiver, the standard offering still has plenty of perks. This particular receiver enables users to enjoy full DVR capabilities. It also provides users with access to AT&T U-verse features such as the guide, menu and movies. In addition, users enjoy 100 percent digital video and audio capabilities. Dolby Digital is also available.

The Wireless Receiver

This is an AT&T U-verse exclusive. This AT&T wireless receiver enables subscribers to:

  • Watch shows anywhere in their homes.
  • Locate their receiver anywhere they want to without concern for existing television outlets.
  • Gain access to AT&T U-verse applications, such as the channel guide, menu, multiviews and more.
  • Stream live programming.
  • Enjoy standard functions, such as Total Home DVR features, U-verse Movies, pay-per-view and more.

AT&T U-verse receivers provide subscribers with the choices they want. While each receiver goes well beyond the basics, each does offer its own particular perks.

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