AT&T U-verse Remote Controls

While many people spend a lot of time looking at the capabilities of a DVR and receiver before selecting a television service, smart people know the real power lies in the remote control. It doesn’t matter how good the DRV or channel lineup happen to be if the remote can’t properly support the entertainment experience.

This is precisely why AT&T U-verse has made certain to offer its customers choice in the remote department. Customers will find that AT&T has gone well beyond “standard” in its lineup of remotes available for use.

To make sure its customers are happy, AT&T offers three different remotes to suit a variety of needs and tastes:

  • The standard remote – This is the most cost effective option AT&T offers, but it does lack some in the bells and whistles department. Even so, the standard remote delivers all the power and options customers need to take advantage of the full U-verse experience. It offers programming control not only for the receiver and DVR, but also up to three other devices. It has backlit buttons for easy viewing, too. When a good, all-around remote is desired, this is a great choice.
  • The Point Anywhere RF Remote – This is one seriously powerful remote control. Unlike a standard remote, the point anywhere enables users to control their receivers through walls. There’s no need to point the remote directly at the receiver to get results. This is a great option for those who want to change channels and have more control over their receiver while moving through the home. If power and control matter, this is the remote to consider.
  • AT&T U-verse TV Easy Find Remote – This is the ultimate remote for homes where losing a remote on a regular basis is an issue. This is a major upgrade over a standard remote that enables easy location thanks to a button push on a receiver that activates a beeper and flashing lights. This model remote even has rechargeable batteries that can hold their power for up to two weeks after a full charge. What’s more, the base for the remote has a built-in clock with a dimming feature.

AT&T U-verse customers are able to enjoy a number of upgraded features that go beyond standard television programming. Even in the remote department, AT&T has made sure its customers get the very best. From the not-so-basic standard remote to the easy find, AT&T U-verse customers can expect only the best.

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