AT&T U-verse Total Home DVR Features

One of the most annoying parts of subscribing to cable or satellite television is the installation.

The obvious problem with a satellite subscription is the unsightly dish (granted, they’re better than the old, gigantic clunkers) that must face a clear southwest view. With both satellite and cable, every television must have a receiver that’s directly wired into the main feed. Unless a subscriber lives in a home that’s pre-wired for service (which most people don’t), installation is an intrusive process, with holes being drilled through walls, up through the crawl space, or down through the ceiling and wires trailing everywhere.

AT&T U-verse solves that problem with its wireless gateway, which provides service to U-verse TV, U-verse Voice, and U-verse High Speed Internet. The wireless gateway also sets the stage for one of U-verse’s most impressive pieces of equipment, the U-verse Total Home DVR.

Through the wireless gateway, the Total Home DVR works in conjunction with all the other U-verse receivers in the home, providing features that no other television provider can. Unlike any other DVR, the Total Home DVR can record and play back up to four different programs at the same time. Subscribers can also record, play back, and manage programs from any television in the home with any receiver through the Total Home DVR. Moreover, the same recorded program can be viewed up at the same time on up to four different televisions, with individual control on each.

Another nice feature of the Total Home DVR is the ability to pause a recorded show, and pick up the action from another room. This has a couple of useful applications. When going from the bedroom to the kitchen to fix a late-night snack, the program can be picked up in the living room to keep the action going. Are the kids watching their favorite cartoon on the Total Home DVR in the den when the big game is coming on? The kids can be sent into another room to pick off right where they left off.

Other features of the Total Home DVR include:

  • Store up to 65 hours of high-definition programming or 233 hours of standard definition programming.
  • Program the Total Home DVR from the Internet or a mobile phone.
  • Included on most AT&T U-verse plans.

The Total Home DVR gives AT&T U-verse TV subscribers more access and more control over their programming without the annoyance of wires going everywhere throughout their homes.

One comment

  1. I was under the impression that one CANNOT record or pause a program from a “non-dvr” receiver.
    i.e. If you have another TV with an additional receiver (the “non-dvr” one)
    and you are watching TV from that set/room, that TV cannot record or pause that particular program??

    The way they word it, the ONLY television that can do this is the “main” TV that’s in the same room as the DVR receiver, not another room.

    This is the main reason why I haven’t switched.

    If you can CONFIRM by actual experience that you CAN pause AND record a program from a SECOND TV/non-dvr receiver set-up, please let me know!!!


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