AT&T U-verse TV vs. DIRECTV

There’s plenty to think about when it comes to comparing AT&T U-verse TV and DIRECTV. Which one is right for you? Both of these services provide a wide range of options for you and give you the latest access to TV programming and speed. Take a few minutes to compare the package offers from both companies up close to determine which one is the best one for your needs. AT&T U-verse TV and DIRECTV are quite different, but both have a great deal to offer. AT&T U-verse is available in select regions, while DIRECTV is available nationwide. In addition, AT&T U-verse is Internet connection dependable, while DIRECTV is a satellite based TV service.

DIRECTV Packages

Here’s a rundown of the packages offered by DIRECTV. Could these be the ideal option for your needs?

  • Select – This plan offers 145 channels with a range of basic offerings for $50 a month.
  • Entertainment – This package gives you more than 150 channels and is designed to provide a high value at $55 a month.
  • Choice – A bit higher product, this is a cable-beating package with 175 channels or more for $60 a month.
  • Xtra – When you want a high quality, affordable and all-around package, this one is best suited. It offers 220 or more channels for $70 a month.
  • Ultimate – For those who love the movies, this package may be ideal. It offers 240 or more channels including numerous movie-focused channels for $75 a month.
  • Premier – The best of all packages, this one offers 315 or more channels on a wide range of services at $125 a month.

Please note that the DIRECTV package prices shown above are the current offers at the time of the publishing this article. All of the packages come as “All Included” which is the latest DIRECTV’s promotion. The “All Included” offer includes monthly equipment fees for up to 4 rooms and the HD DVR monthly service fee. Plus, all DIRECTV orders qualify for $100 Reward Card.

AT&T U-verse Packages

AT&T U-verse is a secondary option for TV viewing. Check out what the company offers its customers.

  • U-basic – From $19 per month, this is the starter U-verse TV package from AT&T. It includes 20 channels and apps.
  • U-Family – This package costs $50 per month for service and provides access to over 200 channels and apps. You can use your content on U-verse online or its app.
  • U200 – A step up, you can take advantage of 360 channels and apps. This package is $70 per month.
  • U300 – This U-verse TV plan provides 470 channels and apps for $75 per month. This service also provides you with on the go access to connect you to the AT&T national WiFi network without any additional cost to you. Furthermore, U300 includes SHOWTIME®, STARZ®, and Encore® premium network channels. Finally, the plan includes the WI-FI Gateway router to connect your devices.
  • U450 – This top U-verse TV package offers 550 channels and apps. It also includes all of the features that come with U300, like nationwide WiFi access and the router. In addition to the premium networks that come with U300 (SHOWTIME®, STARZ®, Encore®), this U450 plan also includes HBO® and Cinemax®. The cost of this U-verse TV package is $125 on monthly bases.

All Uverse TV plans include local TV channels and On Demand Library. All plans except the U-basic include monthly equipment fees for up to 4 rooms and HD DVR monthly service. They also qualify for a $100 Reward Card (except U-basic). HBO® and Cinemax® are offered for 3 months at no extra cost. U450 includes those into its price, while U-basic does not qualify. All of the above offers and prices for U-verse TV are valid at the moment of the publishing this article, and they will change at some point.


Both ways of having a TV service may offer some flexibility as well as customization of plans. It is certainly possible to find a plan that works for your specific needs. Bundling TV with the Internet can give you the speed you want, plus reduce the price. Whether you choose DIRECTV or AT&T U-verse, you’ve got plenty of options to think about from either provider. It comes down to how you plan to use the service.

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  1. I use recording button more than any other so cannot give that up. Have ATT uverse. Does Direct offer this?

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