AT&T U-verse vs. Comcast XFINITY

It’s a great time for consumers of television, Internet, and phone services because there are so many choices these days. I remember 20 years ago when you basically had the choice between cable and over-the-air local stations for your television service. (Or, you had to have that gigantic bulky satellite that was a pain and an eyesore.)

When thinking about starting or changing your television, Internet, or phone service (or all three), it’s always good to shop around. My friend was recently looking at some of the services out there, and he was trying to find the differences between AT&T Internet and XFINITY Internet. We talked about it a bit, and that prompted me to revisit this topic, and write this article. I slipped into the shopper shoes…

The U-verse Web site showed me all of their great advantages and packages. I learned so much about what they provide that I’m thinking about switching when my contract ends for my current subscription.

If I had to pick one of the features that stood out the most for me for AT&T U-verse, it would have to be how all the systems they offer (television, Internet, and phone) are integrated through Internet Protocol Television. Apparently, AT&T is the only multi-platform provider that offers 100 percent IPTV. That opens the door to some amazing features that no other provider can claim.

For instance, U-verse is the only television provider that has Multiview. There are other providers that have preset multi-view channels, and U-verse has those too, but Multiview allows subscribers to pick their own favorite channels and create their own multi-view station. There’s also the U-bar, which can display your local weather and traffic, stock listings, and during the football season, you can track your Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football team. Also through the power of Yahoo!, U-verse features four of the most popular family-friendly interactive games on Ch. 92: Solitaire, Mah-Jongg, Suduko, and JT’s Blocks.

And then there’s the Total Home DVR, which brings integration to a whole new level. With this amazing tool, you can record up to four different programs at the same time with the same DVR, and they can be played back on any television with a U-verse receiver. No other provider offers that service.

So how does this compare to XFINITY? It’s hard to say. I tried looking at their site for information, prices, plans – anything! They wanted you to click on “Buy XFINITY NOW” and then put in your address before they gave you more than basic details. If they’re not up front with their pricing and details, then I know that U-verse is the right choice for me.


  1. I know that Uverse rocks, at least in my case. No problem, no trouble, highspeed internet is very fast and I enjoy all the features and programming that come with att uverse, especially the hdtv.

  2. Not for everyone, at least not for me. I’m having trouble with AT&T Uverse since two months ago, I reported it, and I’m still waiting for somebody to fix it.

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