AT&T U-verse vs. Time Warner Cable

When it’s time to invest in cable programming, most consumers these days want to get the biggest bang for their money. After all, large companies like AT&T and Time Warner are constantly upping the ante to lure consumers into their corners. Both companies, in fact, offer exceptional bundle packages, but one does stand out when it comes to features.

What AT&T U-verse Has to Offer

AT&T U-verse was designed to cover all the entertainment and communications needs a home-based customer might have. While customers can opt to pick and choose among the features, the total AT&T U-verse package includes:

  • TelevisionAT&T U-verse television is a totally digital package that relies on a fiber optic network to deliver programming. Customers have access to an extensive programming lineup that includes paid cable programming and local stations.
  • Internet – AT&T U-verse also offers customers the option of signing up for U-verse high-speed Internet access using the company’s fiber optic network. In addition, customers can take advantage of AT&T’s national Wi-Fi network for no extra charge when they’re on the go.
  • Phone – Under the AT&T U-verse umbrella customers will also find home phone service – AT&T U-verse VoIP. This digital telephone option provides customers with a variety of options including Caller ID, Call Waiting and more.
  • Mobile use – AT&T U-verse television customers can also enjoy mobile use of some of the programming. From an iPhone, customers can set their Total Home DVR, watch streaming programs and more. To gain access to this, AT&T U-verse television customers need to down load the AT&T U-verse Mobile app from the iTunes store. The app is compatible with the iPhone, iPod and iPad. iPad customers, however, cannot get full use of the service at this time.

The AT&T U-verse bundle packages provide all three services plus wireless for a single monthly price.

What Time Warner Cable Has to Offer

Time Warner Cable has long been considered a giant in the home entertainment and communications arena. Its services are similar to AT&T U-verse, but there are a few distinct differences worth noting. The biggest perhaps is the fact that Time Warner’s television, Internet and phone bundle starts at a higher price than AT&T U-verse. In addition, Time Warner doesn’t have the mobile programming features that AT&T U-verse is able to deliver courtesy of its iTunes app.

Both AT&T U-verse and Time Warner Cable are known as powerhouses in the home entertainment industry. AT&T U-verse, however, comes out ahead when it comes to features and pricing.

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