AT&T High Speed Internet

Local cable companies and Internet service providers aren’t the only ones who can deliver high speed access these days. AT&T offers its customers a distinct option they can even rolled into a bundle with voice and television service.

AT&T U-verse provides consumers with a variety of features in all three main service areas. Its U-verse Internet customers will find they have five different plan options and Internet speeds at their disposal. They are:

  • The Pro plan – This is AT&T Uverse’s most scaled back Internet option. It features a very low monthly cost and offers downstream speeds of up to 3 Mbps. It features emailing, music downloads, social networking abilities and photo sharing. It is not necessarily equipped to handle streaming videos and other fast-paced functions, but it provides the basics at a reasonable fee.
  • Elite – With up to 6 Mbps of downstream speed, this package provides users the ability to do more for less. It’s only a few dollars more a month than the Pro package and delivers the ability to game online and conference on top of the features Pro has.
  • Max – This plan delivers up to 12 Mbps of downstream speed at a low monthly cost. It’s designed for those who want to get more out of their online time. The speed and capacity makes it ideal for uploading files, watching TV online, playing games and much more.
  • Max Plus – Available at a slightly higher cost than the basic Max plan, Plus gives its users access to a fair amount of power. Its downstream speed is up to 18 Mbps, which means it’s good for watching TV, uploading files, downloading entire movies and even running streaming video.
  • Max Turbo – This is the fasted and most comprehensive Internet package U-verse has to offer. With speeds of up to 24 Mbps, Turbo is designed to handle everything from major downloads to video conferencing and beyond.

All of AT&T’s Internet packages are meant to help users enjoy exemplary connectivity at value pricing. They are also protected with an Internet Security Suite that’s powered by McAfee.  Customers also enjoy a personalized AT&T home page and a customized browser, Flickr photo storage and more.

On its own or in conjunction with television or phone service, AT&T High Speed Internet is designed to deliver a lot of power for less. Users will find they gain the capacity they need, along with convenience and built-in security when they select a U-verse package for their browsing purposes. Plus, do not forget the fiber optic internet options for super high speeds offered by AT&T Fiber.

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  1. I’m getting uverse max turbo installed next week, together with tv u300 package. I’m looking forward lightening fast internet service and great tv features that I read about.

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