AT&T U-verse TV and Xbox 360

When Microsoft created its Xbox 360 it had more than gaming in mind. The vision was to create a single system that could serve as a hub of entertainment for an entire family. Going well beyond games, the Xbox 360 was designed to deliver communications, television, movies and much more. AT&T U-verse helps make the dream a reality.

AT&T U-verse provides customers who already have an Xbox a convenient way to get more out of their experience. The Xbox 360 can double as a TV receiver for Uverse, turning the machine into a serious powerhouse for home entertainment.

From their 360s, Uverse customers can:

  • Access their DVR recordings – This means they don’t have to run into a room where the DVR happens to be stationed to watch.
  • Switch forms of entertainment with ease – The Uverse/Xbox 360 combination enables seamless switching from playing a game to watching a TV show. There’s not need to switch out inputs on the TV since the Xbox is the receiver.
  • Use TV apps – U-verse’s television apps are available for Xbox customers. This means users can enjoy even greater options out of their Xbox 360.
  • Experience the power of U-verse – Customers that use Xbox 360s as receivers can still get to the U-verse menu, guide and library of on demand programming.
  • Chat – U-verse customers aren’t locked out from Xbox chat while they’re watching television. These two features work together. The IM feature is also available as is the “who’s online” feature Xbox users lover so much.

Why Use the Xbox 360 as a television receiver?

While not all AT&T U-verse TV customers will want to use a Xbox 360 exclusively in their homes as their receiver, having this as a second option just makes sense if a Xbox 360 is in use in a home. Here’s why:

  • Reduces clutter – Say the 360 is stationed in the master bedroom. There’s no reason to add another box in a limited space. The main receiver/DVR can go in the living room and the Xbox can be used in the bedroom to reduce clutter.
  • Unlocks more power – The U-verse/Xbox combination adds more power to this gaming device. It essentially and effectively turns an Xbox into a total entertainment machine. Plus, it’s a very cost effective way to deliver a broad entertainment lineup in a home.

Getting started with the Xbox/Uverse combination is simple. Just contact AT&T for availability. The Xbox 360 hardware kit does cost a little more, but it transforms this gaming machine into something much more for very little added expense.

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