AT&T U-verse Voice Installation

When people think of AT&T, the first thing that comes to mind is telephone service, even though the venerable company now provides television, Internet, and wireless communication services. So it’s not surprising that AT&T is leading the charge again when it comes to providing the best customer service when it comes to AT&T U-verse Voice installation.

AT&T allows some of its customers to participate in the U-verse Voice Self Installation program. Customers must have existing U-verse TV or at least U-verse Internet Service to participate. Also, customers who also subscribe to a home monitoring alarm service must choose full service installation. However, those who are able to participate in the self installation program are eligible to receive discounts on certain AT&T Dect 6.0 cordless phones. Participants can also save money by avoiding potential installation service charges if they qualify for a free professional installation.

That in and of itself is a great concept. Normally, phone companies do not want their customers anywhere near their equipment. This is usually because every time their technicians are sent out on a service request, they charge the customers a fee. AT&T’s self installation is a refreshing concept in a field where taxes and fees are already outrageous for standard telephone service.

After ordering the AT&T U-verse Voice, customers will receive the self installation kit in the mail (shipping and handling charges will apply). The kit contains all the equipment and AT&T provides step-by-step online instruction.

AT&T allows for two different installation methods:

  • Plug and play – This connects a subscriber’s phone directly to the U-verse gateway. This is a much simpler installation method, but also only allows one phone in the house to be operational, and none of the other telephone jacks in the home will work. All a subscriber has to do is connect a phone cord to the gateway, then connect the gateway to the phone. After connecting the backup battery, it just takes a simple phone call to the activation number to start the service.
  • Using existing phone jacks – This method is a bit more complicated and involves working in the outside phone box. The subscriber must disconnect the phone cord from the jack inside the box, then use the Y-splitter found in the kit to complete the installation. This allows for all of the jacks in the house to still be operational.

AT&T U-verse Voice Self Installation is not available in all areas, so contact AT&T first to see if this is an option. And for those not comfortable with self installation, AT&T always provides prompt and courteous full service installation as well (which could be free as mentioned above). Finally, AT&T U-verse offers money back guarantee at this time (an offer can always be changed).

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