AT&T Wi-Fi – An Overview



AT&T currently operates the largest Wi-Fi network in the nation. This has qualified them as a true industry leader in Wi-Fi based Internet service. AT&T offers almost 29,000 hotspots throughout the United States and over 190,000 hotspots around the world. Their customers can switch between their current 3G coverage and Wi-Fi automatically to limit data usage. However, non-customers can use the Wi-Fi for free as well.


What Does Wi-Fi Offer?

Wi-Fi has quickly become the easiest way to connect to the Internet on the go, at home and in the office. It provides a short-range wireless connection to a broadband Internet connection locally. Instead of needing a mobile broadband device connected to the computer or device, a Wi-Fi connection uses the existing wireless card in the device to connect without wires or software.


Most Wi-Fi services are completely free. Most often, hotspots are found in sports stadiums, restaurants, hotels, college campuses, bookstores and hospitality locations. Some parks and other public areas offer hotspots as well now. With most carriers limiting data usage, any time users can connect for free, they save money on potential overage charges.


AT&T’s Dedication

With Wi-Fi becoming more essential to Internet access for their customers, the nation and world, AT&T is dedicated to providing the best Wi-Fi experience possible. Their plan is to ensure their customers have access to the Internet and Wi-Fi where they need it the most.


As part of their commitment, AT&T doesn’t restrict their free Wi-Fi to customers. Anyone with a wireless capable device can use it without restrictions or obligation to buy AT&T’s service. This lets users try them out, no matter who their own carrier is or if they even have one at all. Regardless of whether someone is a subscriber or not, they can benefit from free Wi-Fi.


Understanding The Popularity

In the past several years, Wi-Fi has grown significantly. AT&T alone noticed it took all of 2008 to reach just 20 million connections. This is individual connections, not necessarily individual users. The next year, the same number was reached in just six months. By 2011, this number was reached in 11 days.


During just the first half of 2011, users have made half a billion connections through AT&T Wi-Fi. Consider the fact only 382.1 million were made last year total and one can understand the importance of providing Wi-Fi to more and more users as demand increases.


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