AT&T Wireless Gateway

AT&T U-verse offers the best combination of television, high-speed Internet, and telephone service than its competition in the world of multi-platform home entertainment. One of the reasons is the AT&T U-verse Wireless Gateway that connects to both the High Speed Internet and television receivers that securely allows both to share the broadband experience. Plus, all of the equipment is professionally installed by AT&T, giving subscribers the peace of mind to know that it will be done correctly and on time.

The Wireless Gateway works in combination with a powerful router that gives great coverage through almost any sized home. This eliminates dead spots, allowing perfect reception for all wireless needs. And not only does the Wireless Gateway work for the U-verse television and Internet equipment, but also it works for all of a subscriber’s personal wireless equipment, such as laptops, storage devices, printers, and smartphones. Plus, the Wireless Gateway is protected by encryption security, preventing anyone outside the home from accessing a subscriber’s signal.

Also, through the Wireless Gateway, all standard Uverse receivers are compatible with the Total Home DVR receiver, giving all televisions access to the amazing features U-verse television has to offer. With the Total Home DVR, a subscriber can record up to four different programs at the same time or record and play back a program from any television with a receiver with only one DVR, both exclusive to U-verse. With only one DVR, subscribers can also schedule, delete, or update a recording; and rewind, fast forward, or pause any recorded show from any television. The U-verse system also allows multiple receivers to view the same recorded program independently, allowing one television to pause while another keeps on playing.

The wireless connection to the High Speed Internet is protected by McAfee, a well-known name in anti-virus protection. The AT&T Internet Security Suite forms a powerful barrier against malware and intrusion threats. The Internet Security Suite features McAfee’s SiteAdvisor, which protects subscribers against harmful Web sites set up to visitors into thinking they’re legitimate or well-known businesses. The security suite also includes two-way firewall protection to protect against hackers plus virus and spyware protection. There’s also parental controls in the security suite, allowing parents to monitor their children’s Internet usage, plus help parents put limits on their children’s Internet usage.

The Wireless Gateway helps AT&T U-verse lead the way when it comes to the most up-to-date equipment in the multi-platform home entertainment industry.

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