AT&T Worldwide Broadband Update

FCC and AT&T Broadband - what's going on around here?

This week more details were issued concerning the drastic change to the Internet’s imminent broadband speed, causing a ripple through AT&T and its competitors. AT&T has been responding to all the chaos through their public policy blog discussing much apprehension about the FCC plan taking place. Much was discussed during the debate this past Tuesday with the Technology Policy Institute and Georgetown Center for Business and Public Policy voice out their standpoint in regards to these transitions.

AT&T’s Senior Executive Vice President of External and Legislative Affairs, Jim Ciccioni addressed the FCC’s tactic of the newly defined “high-speed” Internet and shared his excitement about the plan. According to a report that I had read, Cicconi could barely hold a chuckle in at the “failure of the open access push. That failure was, in part, thanks to the FCC’s Blair Levin, who recently admitted the FCC (or at least Levin), lacked the courage to challenge carriers like AT&T in court.”

Be afraid… Taking a dominating company like AT&T to court is not a very wise choice. It would be a challenge attempting to demolish a company with so much power over nationwide communication and of course the mobile and Internet industry.

I am still counting the days till AT&T releases new features that they will offer. Opinions anyone?

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