Verizon FiOS vs Comcast XFINITY

There are many service providers available to provide you with television, telephone and internet. They can bring it to your home and/or office as a single unit or as part of a bundle. Last time we compared AT&T Uverse vs Comcast XFINITY, and today we are doing the same thing with Verizon FiOS and Comcast … Read moreVerizon FiOS vs Comcast XFINITY

New U-verse and Internet Deals from AT&T

It wasn’t long ago when I posted about the Latest AT&T Deals, and here we are with another round. There was a bit of change to U-verse offer. High speed Internet seems more or less the same. Here it is: AT&T U-verse Offers With AT&T U-verse the focus is on the below offers which are … Read moreNew U-verse and Internet Deals from AT&T

AT&T Wireless Gateway

AT&T U-verse offers the best combination of television, high-speed Internet, and telephone service than its competition in the world of multi-platform home entertainment. One of the reasons is the AT&T U-verse Wireless Gateway that connects to both the High Speed Internet and television receivers that securely allows both to share the broadband experience. Plus, all … Read moreAT&T Wireless Gateway

Latest AT&T Deals and Offers

Here are some of the latest offers from AT&T. In TV, Internet, and Phone, AT&T U-verse has been offering: Order AT&T U-verse and get up to $300 back via promotion cards, plus save up to $45 per month for 6 months, depending on the Uverse plan chosen. AT&T U-verse Price Guarantee bundles with 12 month … Read moreLatest AT&T Deals and Offers

AT&T U-verse vs. Comcast XFINITY

It’s a great time for consumers of television, Internet, and phone services because there are so many choices these days. I remember 20 years ago when you basically had the choice between cable and over-the-air local stations for your television service. (Or, you had to have that gigantic bulky satellite that was a pain and … Read moreAT&T U-verse vs. Comcast XFINITY

AT&T U-verse Equipment

It’s no secret that AT&T U-verse provides much better all-around service than most of other cable or satellite companies. Not just because others are less good, but because of the technology supporting the U-verse TV service. Whether its television, high-speed internet, or telephone service, U-verse features the most innovative products and the best choices for … Read moreAT&T U-verse Equipment

The History of AT&T U-verse

A quick AT&T U-verse recap today. Much like the history of AT&T itself, the history of AT&T’s U-verse starts with an acquisition. It all began when SBC Communications Inc. announced it would buy AT&T in January 2005, and the acquisition was finalized in June of that year. Even though SBC was the purchaser, the company … Read moreThe History of AT&T U-verse

AT&T U-verse Interactive Applications – Part IV

Welcome to the fourth installment on AT&T U-Verse interactive applications. In the part III we talked about Uverse Caller ID, U-bar, and more. Today the focus is again on a number of features including AT&T Yahoo! Games, YP.COM TV, and Media Sharing. Let’s get started. Yahoo! Games What you’re probably asking right now is “are … Read moreAT&T U-verse Interactive Applications – Part IV

AT&T U-verse Interactive Applications – Part III

In the last two entries in this series on AT&T U-Verse interactive applications, we spotlighted just two features: Multiview and Mobile Remote Access. Now, if we were to do this with every single feature, we’d be here for long time on this one subject. So today we’ll cover a few different features: Caller ID, MWI … Read moreAT&T U-verse Interactive Applications – Part III

AT&T U-verse Interactive Applications – Part II

Mobile Remote Access Welcome to the second installment of our look into the interactive applications offered by AT&T U-Verse services! Today we’re talking about Mobile Remote Access. Okay, we got the introduction out of the way last time, so let’s jump right into it. What Is It? Mobile remote access is essentially a technological development … Read moreAT&T U-verse Interactive Applications – Part II