As more cable providers step up to offer high speed Internet, television and voice service rolled into a single package, Comcast is no different. This company has answered the call for a single-bill service with its Comcast XFINITY package.

Like others on the market, Comcast XFINITY delivers digital cable television service, home telephone and high-speed Internet. Customers can combine any of the three or bundle them all together into a single service. Packages are available that enable consumers to choose two of the services or all three in one. They can also opt to simply get cable, telephone or Internet service.


Comcast XFINITY television offers digital service in a number of different packages. The Digital Start provides more than 80 digital cable channels for a single monthly price. This package also delivers 45 commercial-free music channels, an on-screen program guide, parental controls and thousands of on-demand movies.

Comcast’s top of the line package is the Digital Premier. This package comes with more than 200 digital cable channels and provides HBO, Cinemax, Showtime and Starz in the price. In addition, it offers more on-demand options, a sports package and more.

A digital DVR and high-def programming are also available with Comcast’s television packages.

Comcast XFINITY Internet

Comcast XFINITY Internet doesn’t offer a lot of different packages, but its two service levels do cover the bases.

  • The Performance package – This offers download speeds up to 15 Mbps, online protection, seven different email accounts with up to 10 GB of storage. Plus, this package also provides access to more than 3,500 live games.
  • Blast Extra – This package is meant to be bundled with television service. It provides download speeds of up to 25 Mbps and also offers hundreds of movies for television and online watching through the Preferred Collection On Demand service.

XFINITY Internet also comes with Constant Guard™ service which includes:

  • Norton™ Security Suite – Defend your computer against viruses.
  • Secure Backup & Share – Backup valuable files.
  • IDENTITY GUARD® – Help safeguard yourself from identity theft.

Comcast XFINITY Voice

Comcast XFINITY Voice, as it’s called, offers a solution for home phone service. This package starts at a low monthly price and features unlimited local and long distance calling throughout the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.
One of the distinct features of Comcast XFINITY Voice is the voicemail. It’s accessible from not only the home phone, but also computers and smartphones.

Comcast XFINITY Voice offers a universal caller ID for the television and PC. It also offers 12 calling features, including Call Waiting and Caller ID.

As more cable and communications providers bundle their services, Comcast XFINITY helps this company rise to the challenge. Comcast customers can enjoy voice, Internet and television services that are comparable to other companies’ offerings.

For Comcast XFINITY is what AT&T Fiber is from AT&T, and Fios Internet from Verizon.

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