DIRECTV Equipment

DIRECTV makes it easy for people to enjoy their TV watching when they want, where they want, and how they want to do so. One of the ways it is better expanding to meet the needs of its customers is by providing advanced equipment to make that possible. The company’s services have never been better with more access, better programming options, and advanced product options. But, before you can get setup and ready to go, consider a few of the key types of equipment from DIRECTV and what it means to your watching preferences and needs.

What DIRECTV Equipment Is Available?

Below are some of the types of DIRECTV equipment currently available from the company. Learn more about these products and how they may fit your unique needs.


One of the best tools available from DIRECTV for users is Genie. It is the company’s most advanced DVR system available. It allows users to record their favorite choices from any room in the home. It is a single HD DVR, but it is accessible throughout the whole home. You can also connect Wireless Genie Mini, which allows you to take the TV watching outdoors. Additional features include:

  • Up to 200 hours of HD entertainment can be recorded and saved
  • You can record up to five shows at one time
  • Genie Sports makes it easy to tune in to all of the sporting events desired by making it easy to find them
  • You can watch two shows on one screen
  • It also provides 4K viewing speeds

Genie is perhaps one of the best components of DIRECTV’s newest equipment line. It should be a part of your makeup for this service as a result.


The company does offer a wide range of receivers to provide you with the level of flexibility and customization you need. The options available include:

  • HD DVR Receivers
  • Genie, as mentioned previously
  • TiVo HD DVR
  • Genie Lite
  • HD Receiver

Each one offers different connectivity levels. Choose what works best for your unique needs.


DIRECTV equipment goes a step further to offer remotes. This isn’t your basic remote, though.

DIRECTV remotes offer a wide range of connectivity and the buttons are intuitive, making it easier and faster for you to navigate the options available to you. They are also ergonomically designed to provide the highest level of comfort for those long days spent watching TV.

The newer remotes offer fewer buttons to streamline their layout. They are sleek and about 20 percent smaller than others. The Genie Remote in particular is highly effective, very fast reasoning, and has infrared and radio frequency built into it. Other remote options are also available.

As you take a closer look at all of the options available to you in DIRECTV equipment, you’ll get excited about the options. Create an equipment package that meets your specific needs. Expect impressive results when you do just that with DIRECTV’s numerous packages.

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