AT&T’s streaming TV service DIRECTV NOW has been renamed to AT&T TV NOW.

The “rename” action was not just that, but also the change of plans and offers. But lets go step by step. First, lets ensure we know what this service is.

What is AT&T TV NOW?

AT&T TV NOW is the streaming TV service provided by AT&T company. Basically, the programming gets streamed over the Internet to your device that can be anything from your smartphone to your Smart TV. In between are devices like Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast, or simply just a browser like Chrome or Safari on your computer.

What’s New with AT&T TV NOW?

DIRECTV NOW had four plans to offer. Now, AT&T TV NOW has six plans to offer, plus international packages like Spanish, Vietnamese, Korean, and Brazilian.

Pricing has changed as well, since it went a bit up. AT&T TV NOW plans are offered at prices from $50 to $135 per month. For plans and detailed pricing, visit AT&T TV NOW Packages description page.

What Devices Can I Use to Watch Shows on AT&T TV NOW?

As already mentioned, AT&T TV NOW can be watched on many devices. Here is the list from AT&T:

  • ROKU
    • 4K Roku TV (model: 7000X)
    • Roku non-4K TV (model: 8000X)
    • Roku Streaming Stick (models: 3600X, 3800RT, 3800RW, 3800X)
    • Roku Streaming Stick+ (models: 3810RW, 3810X)
    • Roku 4 (model: 4400)
    • Roku Premiere (model: 4620)
    • Roku Premiere + (model: 4630)
    • Roku Ultra (models: 4640X, 4660RW, 4660X)
    • Roku Express (models: 3900RW, 3900X)
    • Roku Express + (models: 3910RW, 3910X)
    • Apple TV (4th Generation)
    • Apple TV 4K (5th Generation)
    • Amazon Fire TV (2nd Generation or higher)
    • Amazon Fire TV Stick (2nd Generation or higher)
    • Amazon Fire TV Edition Smart TV (2nd Generation or higher)
    • Amazon Fire TV Cube
    • Chromecast Built-in TV
    • Chromecast (2nd Generation and higher)
    • Samsung Smart TV (2017 and 2018 models)
    • iPhone iOS 10+
    • iPad iOS 10+
    • iPod Touch iOS 10+
    • Android™ phones 5.0 and higher
    • Android tablets 5.0 and higher
    • Chrome 58+
    • Safari 10+


AT&T TV NOW Free Trial

Just like it was with DIRECTV NOW, there is a free trial available with AT&T TV NOW. If you purchase the PLUS, MAX, or International packages, you’ll get 7 free days to stream AT&T TV NOW.

Cloud DVR

With cloud DVR, you can record live TV and play it back on your own time! Right off the bat, you’ll get 20 hours of free storage. So now you can fast forward, rewind, and skip through commercials all on your favorite devices including:

  • Apple devices (iOS 10+) including Apple TVs
  • Android devices
  • Amazon Fire TV devices
  • Roku devices
  • Chromecast devices and TVs
  • Google Chrome and Safari browsers

Using Multiple Devices with AT&T TV NOW

With every AT&T TV NOW account, you’re able to stream on two devices at the same time. Need more? Upgrade to a third stream for $5/mo. and watch on up to three devices simultaneously.

Canceling AT&T TV NOW Service

With AT&T TV NOW, they’ll never lock you into an annual contract, and you can cancel your service at any time. No questions asked.

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