DIRECTV – Packages, Features, Availability

DIRECTV is offering more than ever. For those who are looking to make the switch to a higher level of service, more coverage, or even a better pricing plan, this could be the route to take. One of the ways DIRECTV meets the needs of its customers is by providing a large number of package offerings and features. This helps to ensure that you get what you want, pay for what you want, and not have to worry about missing out on anything that’s happening. Take a closer look at some of the packages DIRECTV now offers its customers.

DIRECTV Packages

Here’s a rundown of the DIRECTV packages available right now. All packages include monthly equipment fees for up to 4 rooms, and HD DVR monthly service fee. That’s why they’re all advertised as “All Included” DIRECTV packages. Keep in mind, these offers continue to change.

  • Select: This package is the basic plan. You’ll get over 145 channels to choose from for a set monthly fee (currently $50 a month).
  • Entertainment: A bit of a higher value in terms of the entertainment options, this package offers over 150 channels and costs $55 a month.
  • Choice: A further step up, this one is perhaps the most common package selection for those who want a plan that’s comparable to cable TV, though at a price of $60, it tends to be much more affordable. It offers over 175 channels.
  • Xtra: Yet another step up, this program offers over 220 channels. It is also the most popular package offered by DIRECTV at a price of $70 per month.
  • Ultimate: With over 240 channels, this package offers far more challenges. It’s also the ideal choice for those who are movie lovers who want options, and plenty of them. It comes in at about $75 a month.
  • Premier: The highest level of package available, it offers more than 315 channels. This is the everything’s in it package. It offers programming at a cost of $125 a month.

But, What Else?

While the DIRECTV packages available really do stand out, so does the company’s wide range of product offerings, features, and expanding availability.

  • The company offers features such as whole-home DVR and On Demand.
  • You can tap into the company’s HD services and 4K speed as well.
  • DVR services are available to further enhance your ability to enjoy TV your way.
  • Mobile apps allow users to use their programming access on TVs, tablets, as well as mobile devices.
  • DIRECTV Everywhere and DIRECTV Cinema further expand the company’s ability to reach consumers the way they want to enjoy it.

In terms of availability, DIRECTV has expanded heavily throughout much of North America. It is not hard to find out if it is available near you. With the link to AT&T, it is now one of the largest providers of these services and the extensiveness of its availability is one of the key reasons so many people want to use this company. To find the right, customized plan for you, check out the specifics of DIRECTV’s plans, packages, and its numerous features all available to most people.

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