Exclusive ‘My Multiview’App

Can you name a company that allows you to customize….anything? Well, AT&T U-verse just keeps getting better for all of us.

Today, AT&T allows AT&T U-verse TV customers to choose four separate channels that they’d like to watch with the new ‘My Multiview’ App. So, if you feel like watching your favorite team, the news, the sitcom you cannot miss, and the documentary that everyone keeps talking about on one screen, AT&T U-verse just made it happen for you. You will have the ability to watch four different programs at once and control which one would be your main program and would take over your speakers. Don’t hesitate to change your main channel at any time.

With this new feature, TV has officially revolutionized to being more than just a picture on a box. It’s about to transition as part of everyone’s lifestyle.

“For the first time ever, you can customize your Multiview so you can choose and control which of your favorite channels you watch on your TV screen at one time. AT&T U-verse and My Multiview are changing how you watch TV,” said Jeff Weber, vice president of video services, AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets. “The channel combinations for My Multiview are virtually endless, and we’re proud to offer our U-verse customers even more personalization with this exclusive app.”
(PR Newswire)

Each person in your home can personalize their own settings to enhance their own television experiences with AT&T U-verse. Check out what AT&T U-verse can change and do for you!

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