Frontier Residential Internet Services

As an American telecommunications company, Frontier has driven innovations in the residential internet service sector since its founding in 1935. And recently, this reliable and transparent company has exceeded everyone’s expectations by being able to offer connections of up to 5000 Mbps. Their internet solutions let users explore the online space with multiple devices at unmatched speeds. But what other offerings can this network service provider enrich our digital experience with? Let’s find out!

About the Frontier Residential Internet Services

The Fiber 5 Gig is the cream of the Frontier Fiber Internet’s offerings, which lets you access the online world with super reliable WiFi (plans start from 500 Mbps). The company’s fiber-optic network gives you a speed perk that’s up to 125 times faster than cable data. The best of it? No lagging, even if you share a roof with many hardcore internet users!

But there’s more — you can be a thrifty TV buff with Frontier’s YouTube TV. If this sounds vague, here’s the crystal clear picture: You get over 100 TV channels and save up to $500 during your first year compared to using cable. Frontier got into a deal with YouTube TV, so there are always some offers worth of consideration. At the time of publishing this article some of the Frontier’s YouTube TV offers are:

  • Save $15/month on your first year of YouTube TV.
  • Get $50 off NFL Sunday Ticket from YouTube TV.

Fans of the good, old DSL technology might be most inclined towards the Frontier Internet service. This option might work better for you if you’re just an everyday internet user. Moreover, some services are also available in bundles, and they don’t have to cost a fortune thanks to the government-assisted Affordable Connectivity Program.

As you can see, Frontier offers something for everyone. Now, let’s explore each service in more detail.

Frontier Internet with Add-on Services

If you’re looking for a low-cost deal, enough to satisfy your average internet demands, you could check out Frontier Internet. It doesn’t matter where you live — this company is a trustworthy local provider with coverage in both smaller and bigger cities. You can check out more details about the service below.

  • DSL Network: This is an affordable solution for those who dislike yearly internet data use contracts. It’s available at various costs and speed options depending on your location, and it offers you the benefits of no overage charges or data caps. You pay from month to month without the need to make annual commitments. Moreover, you get the Amazon eero WiFi router as part of the deal.
  • Home Phone Add-on: If you bundle your home phone with the Frontier Internet service, you can enjoy more for additional monthly fees. The extra perks include unlimited nationwide calling, call waiting, caller ID, and voicemail. It’s an excellent option to consider if your landline is one of the only ways to stay in touch with some people in your life.
  • Frontier Secure Add-on: You can pair your internet service with Frontier’s Home Shield Elite for more protection. This appealing plan includes features like Experian-powered Identity Protection, Password Manager, and Multi-Device Security. It’s your bundle if you want to boost your online security without doing too much manual data-protection-related work.

Frontier Fiber Internet

Relying on optical cables, fiber internet offers you an impressively smooth glide through the online world. The upload and download speeds are nearly equal, which is a multitasker’s dream. There are no data caps, and the pricing is transparent. These are the Fiber Internet plans Frontier offers:

  • Fiber 500: This service is available for $49.99 a month and is perfect for multiple users in a small family who like doing online activities from home. The Amazon eero WiFi 6+ router comes bundled with this option. Moreover, you get a 15-dollar monthly discount on YouTube TV for one year to enjoy the service and expert installation assistance.
  • Fiber 1 Gig: Available for $69.99 a month, this plan makes your smart home way more comfortable. Using dozens of gadgets is easy with the Amazon eero WiFi Pro 6 router, which comes included in the offer (professionals handle the installation).
  • Fiber 2 Gig: This is the right plan for you if you need ultra-fast speeds. It costs $109.99 monthly and lets you get the best of your internet-powered adventures. A $200 Visa reward card and the Amazon eero WiFi Pro 6E are also included. Installation specialists will take care of everything related to the setup, and you get a 15-dollar monthly discount on YouTube TV for one year.
  • Fiber 5 Gig: Hints of futurism are fun, but with the Fiber 5 Gig plan, you’re fully preparing for tomorrow’s tech inventions. For $164.99, you get speeds of up to 5000 Mbps brought to you through the TP-Link Archer AXE300 6E router! The My Premium Tech Pro option is also available to you for free. Furthermore, you get expert help with the setup.

Frontier Fiber Internet is available in select areas. All plans above qualify for a monthly $10 discount if AutoPay is setup.

YouTube TV

You might enjoy Frontier’s live TV service if you’re a sports buff who likes keeping up with the latest trends and happenings. How do over 100 sports, movies, and news channels sound to you? Because if you like watching TV always and everywhere, you’re in for a treat with Frontier’s YouTube TV option!

The absence of hidden fees and long-term contracts makes YouTube TV better than cable. Plus, you get personalized recommendations, a free DVR with unlimited cloud storage, and six accounts per household, so you and your family don’t have to fight over the remote controller! YouTube TV comes bundled with all Fiber Internet plans.

Security Add-Ons

Frontier lets you optimize your online safety with its device security products offered through the Frontier Secure service. Currently, you can opt for one or more of these three protection tools:

  • eero Secure: This service offers essential protection for your WiFi for $3 for one router. As such, it screens for suspicious network traffic and lets you browse the web safely and with no annoying ads. Parental control is also an option.
  • HomeShield Elite: It’s available for $6 a month and offers a more complete protection suit. Not only will you enjoy enhanced security through multiple devices, but this option also gives you access to a potent password manager. The Identity Protection feature safeguards you from identity theft and online fraud.
  • My Premium Tech Pro: If you need assistance navigating the online sphere securely, this is the tool you want. For $10 a month, you can count on Frontier’s tech professionals whenever you encounter a security issue or need malware removed from your device.

Affordable Connectivity Program

The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) helps certain households access the internet for free or at affordable prices. It’s a program run by the government. Eligible candidates can get up to $30 a month in financial aid.

To apply for the program, you need to fill out an application. The Frontier employees in charge of the process will assist you and confirm whether you meet the financial aid criteria. If you do, you can opt for the internet plan you’re most fond of without worrying about the monthly bills.

Internet for Small Businesses

If you own a small company, you should check out Frontier’s offerings for small businesses. The telecommunications provider offers great fiber internet plans and different services to streamline your workflow.

For instance, the RingCentral app helps you easily host video conferences and text your colleagues and employees. Then, the Business Voice service lets you take full control over your calls and voicemails. Furthermore, the company offers convenient backup and security solutions and tech support for small-sized enterprises and helps you achieve customer satisfaction with their Business TV service.

Go Online the Frontier Way

The fast and reliable internet speed era is here, and Frontier welcomes it like a pro. One thing is clear — the company believes in and embraces fiber-optic internet and offers affordable residential plans for different customers. And that’s great because there are many options to choose from. The information outlined here should be able to help you make a sound decision on whether this provider is fit for you. Being it Frontier Fiber Internet, or other Frontier services like phone or security, be sure you check all of their offers and features.

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