Get Social With AT&T U-verse

AT&T understands that the way people watch television is changing. Nielsen, in fact, has discovered that some 30 percent of TV viewers take the time to look up program-related information while they’re watching television. Wanting to help that 30 percent get the information they need, AT&T U-verse has responded with new apps that let users interact with what they’re watching while they are watching.

AT&T U-verse customers can now get social while they’re watching television by downloading a number of different apps for use on their smartphones, tablets and other devices while they’re catching their favorite programs.

Within the Apple store’s apps section, AT&T U-verse customers will find these apps that are meant to enhancing the viewing experience:

  • Miso – This handy app lets users share their favorite programs with their friends and acquaintances. The end result is a great way to learn about new shows people with similar interests are watching while offering up suggestions about what to watch to others.
  • BuddyTV Guide – This app provides the ultimate replacement for old fashion television guides. It delivers personalized recommendations for what to watch, offers users the ability to customize their TV guide and even sends show reminders and provide an ability for real-time commenting. Extra content for mobile devices is also available for AT&T U-verse customers while they’re watching programs. BuddyTV Guide even lets users tap to tune into their favorite programs.
  • Wayin – People who like to talk about the shows they’re watching are going to love this app. It’s a community-based app that lets members ask questions, answer them and even share photos related to the programs they like. This app is even intuitive. It understands what shows users are watching and changes its offerings based on what is currently on a user’s AT&T U-verse television programming.
  • TV Foundry – This app is designed to enhance user’s viewing experience by providing them with a warehouse of information on their favorite programs. It, for example, lets users seek out trailers, shows, cast member interviews, companion content and more. Once the information is found, users can consume it or even easily share links via Twitter and Facebook.

As television viewing habits change, AT&T U-verse is staying ahead of the trend. Its apps enable users to expand their knowledge, chat about their shows and even plan out future viewing. There’s no reason to watch television the old fashion way, when AT&T U-verse provides a way for its customers to not only enjoy their favorite shows, but also interact with them and about them at the same time.

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