IP&TV Industry Awards 2012


IP&TV World Forum organizes a global event that brings together broadcasters from a wide variety or platform backgrounds – smart TV, OTT, cable, satellite, terrestrial, & telco–to-network – to compare experiences and brainstorm solutions. As the rise of IP delivered TV continues, the event gathers more of participants every year. This years event that took place in London (March 19-21, 2012) has seen the arrival of traditional TV manufacturers as OTT service providers through their “Smart TV” products. Multiscreen and On-the-Go TV were also represented by many providers and manufacturers.

The 2012 IP&TV Industry Awards have recognized the best in the industry, and this year’s winners are:

  • Best TV Service Innovation
    Telstra (Australia) – Telstra T-Box is a digital set top box that gives an access to free-to-air TV channels and when connected to an eligible BigPond® Broadband service access BigPond Internet TV channels, BigPond Movies and TV shows on demand, BigPond videos on Demand and YouTube.
  • Best Service Growth Achievement
    BT Vision, part of the BT Group plc
  • Best Multiscreen TV Service
    DIRECTV & Samsung
  • Best Multiscreen TV Solution
    Huawei Technologies Co Ltd
  • Best Network Technology for IPTV
  • Best Quality Improvement Solution
    Mariner Partners
  • Best Rights and Asset Management for TV
    Motorola Mobility
  • Best Service Delivery Platform for IPTV
    Orca Interactive (a Viaccess subsidiary)
  • Best TV App
    AT&T – This is a U-verse app for a tablet, which lets customers receive extra information about the TV shows they’re watching, use their tablet as a remote control, watch hit TV shows on the go and more. The app adds more to the existing features of AT&T U-verse service.
  • Best Component or Enabler
  • Best TV Consumer Device
    AT&T & Cisco – In 2011, AT&T launched the U-verse Wireless Receiver made by Cisco which made it possible to watch the TV in rooms and areas without TV cabling provided.


Last year, AT&T has won the IP&TV Industry Award for Best Multiscreen TV Service. We wrote about U-verse Multiscreen experience before.


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