Qwest Bundles

Qwest bundles are not really services provided by Qwest itself, but rather Qwest high speed Internet, Wi-Fi by AT&T, Qwest Home Phone, DIRECTV for TV, and Verizon for wireless.

The speed of Qwest High Speed Internet ranges from 1.5 Mbps to 20 Mbps (up to of course, not guaranteed). This service also includes Wi-Fi from AT&T. Actually it’s called Qwest Wi-Fi powered by AT&T. There is 2 GB of “free” automatic online backup, and Qwest @Ease.

Qwest Home Phone comes in the form of four plans:

  • Basic Service – Unlimited Local Calling
  • Qwest® Home Phone – Unlimited Local Calling, Choice of up to 10 calling features
  • Qwest® Home Phone Plus – Unlimited Local Calling, Choice of up to 10 calling features, 5 cent per minute Long Distance
  • Qwest® Home Phone Unlimited – Unlimited Local Calling, Choice of up to 10 calling features, Unlimited Long Distance

There is activation fee applied to Qwest home phone service. There are also some additional charges like extended area service charges, monthly zone increment charges, zone connection charges, as well as taxes, regulatory charges, surcharges, and other fees. Yeah, all these are always on some other page in small print.

With the home phone from Qwest, you also have a choice of My Qwest® on DIRECTV®, and Qwest Voice Messaging Link® and One Number Service.

As its Wireless Service, Qwest offers Verizon Wireless.


You can combine services as per your needs. Qwest offers some pre-packed bundles like:

  • HD Entertainment Bundle
    – Qwest® Heavy Duty™ Internet 7Mbps
    – DIRECTV® CHOICE XTRA™ package – Plus HD Access
    – Qwest® Home Phone Plus with 5 cents per minute Nationwide Long Distance
  • Value Bundle
    – Qwest® Heavy Duty™ Internet 7Mbps with (Internet without Phone Service)
    – DIRECTV® CHOICE XTRA™ package
  • Existing Customer Bundle – only if you add to existing package
    – Qwest® Heavy Duty™ Internet 7Mbps
    – DIRECTV® CHOICE XTRA™ package

The above are just examples. You can certainly build your own customized Qwest bundle by using online selection tool. The choices are:

  • Internet Service
  • DIRECTV® Service
  • Home Phone Service
  • Long Distance Service
  • Not Sure. We will help you decide.

The last one is an online tool that asks you several questions which are used to determine the options that fit your needs.

In any case, you’ll be asked to provide either your address or phone number before you continue with the ordering. The first one is for new customers and the second one for existing customers. This is to ensure if the requested services are available in your area. Nothing new, all Internet and other service providers do that.

Still, I wish there is a simulator which would allow me to see the cost without actually going through all of the process. This wish would not apply to Qwest only, but any service provider.

In addition to the above, Qwest is quite limited when about availability. When I entered a test address from Scottsdale, Arizona, It took it a long time to spit out the results. It showed selections for Home Phone and DIRECTV, but failed to show anything for the high speed Internet. The zip code was empty! So I entered a zip code again but it did not work.

Anyway, I was bit tired as it was quite late. Based on my bundle selection, HD Entertainment Bundle,  the choices for the home phone were between $13.18/mo and $35.00/mo. The DIRECTV choices were from $29.99/mo to $54.99/mo.

I’ll post this article as it is now, but will come back with the update on Internet.

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