Qwest Internet Services

Internet services are simple, really. Most of what we get from the web is through our hardware and software, so what it really comes down to in picking a provider is a simple list of categories: Speed, price, reliability, and customer support. Beyond that, it’s all marketing and fluff, really. So in looking at how Qwest Internet services holds up, we’re not really “reviewing” the service, as that suggests personal anecdotal experience.

So consider this more of an “overview”, based on a number of user reviews across the web, and of course, the pricing plans that Qwest offers.

High Speed Internet

Across the board, Qwest’s DSL services are considered to be amongst the fastest (up to 20 Mbps as of today), or at least as fast as you’ll ever need your internet to be (into the foreseeable future, at least, as there’s no telling how crazy high definition web videos will become in the next few years). Qwest Internet comes with Wi-Fi included – powered by AT&T Wi-Fi. What all this really means, though, is that Qwest is on par with the competition, because honestly, you can get high speed from anyone these days, so let’s move on…


When it comes to phone service, you can rely on pretty much anyone to provide ADEQUATE service, at the very least. So the question is whether or not Qwest goes above and beyond adequate, as well as pricing.

Qwest tends to do pretty well when it comes to competitive pricing. We can’t quote exact prices as your mileage may vary depending on which package you go with, but the bottom line is that it’s affordable and the basic DSL package can be paid for with what you collect in your penny jar each month.

As for service, we managed to scour up a few negative comments regarding Qwest’s reliability, but these were pretty much invariably chalked up to the user’s inability to make sense of installation and so on.

The partnership between Qwest and Verizon has actually been a big help in keeping prices down and service consistent and reliable, ensuring that the web you browse on your iPhone is just as consistent and steady as the web you’re browsing on your laptop, and with bundled, package deals, you can keep the price down on every aspect of telecommunications in your home.


With more than a hundred HD channels and plenty more in standard definition, Qwest TV is pretty potent. It’s actually DIRECTV that makes Qwest TV offer.  This is accompanied with qZone – Qwest’s online entertainment store where you get latest movies, hit TV shows and games to download and play at qZone.

So in short, Qwest’s reputation is pretty well deserved. There has been some controversy, but if you look past that and just look at service, price and reliability, you can see why they’re a top tier company.

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