TV Service Providers

TV Service Providers

Television is an activity that many families across the United States and world enjoy. Oftentimes, many families will gather around the television to watch their favorite shows, while also checking out news, weather, and sports. This can include local news and sports teams to watching national news and sports that are outside of your local … Read more

IP&TV Industry Awards 2012

  IP&TV World Forum organizes a global event that brings together broadcasters from a wide variety or platform backgrounds – smart TV, OTT, cable, satellite, terrestrial, & telco–to-network – to compare experiences and brainstorm solutions. As the rise of IP delivered TV continues, the event gathers more of participants every year. This years event that … Read more

The AT&T U-verse TV Wireless Receiver – An Industry First

The AT&T U-verse wireless receiver is truly an industry first. AT&T U-verse is the first of its kind as is. They were the first to offer complete Internet based streaming for television. Other companies were a combination of cable and Internet. To continue their innovation, they created a new way to watch TV almost anywhere … Read more

AT&T U-verse Makes the Grade With Viewers

AT&T U-verse is gaining national acclaim for its ability to satisfy customers. According to J.D. Power and Associates, this cable alternative gets the highest marks for customer satisfaction in just about every region of the country it serves (North Central, South, and West). In all regions where it serves, in fact, it tops all other … Read more

Latest AT&T News

Some of the latest AT&T related news: AT&T Activates One Million iPhone 4S’ On October 20, 2011 AT&T announced it had passed 1 million activated iPhone 4S’ as of Tuesday, October 18, 2011. This would be the most successful iPhone launch ever for the AT&T company. AT&T Wireless was the first carrier in the world … Read more

AT&T U-verse Mobile

It used to be entertainment was limited to television sets at home or movie theater screens. That’s just not the case any longer. Thanks to smartphones and even smarter companies, consumers have the choice of bringing their programming with them anywhere they go. AT&T U-verse has risen to this challenge to deliver its customers a … Read more

AT&T U-verse vs. Time Warner Cable

When it’s time to invest in cable programming, most consumers these days want to get the biggest bang for their money. After all, large companies like AT&T and Time Warner are constantly upping the ante to lure consumers into their corners. Both companies, in fact, offer exceptional bundle packages, but one does stand out when … Read more

AT&T U-verse Remote Controls

While many people spend a lot of time looking at the capabilities of a DVR and receiver before selecting a television service, smart people know the real power lies in the remote control. It doesn’t matter how good the DRV or channel lineup happen to be if the remote can’t properly support the entertainment experience. … Read more

Saving on AT&T U-verse with Promotional Cards

Saving money on home telephone, Internet and television service is much easier these days with bundle packages that provide customers with everything they need for a whole lot less. Featuring a single bill, low monthly pricing and plenty of services, AT&T’s U-verse is fast becoming a hugely popular choice in this arena. Even though the … Read more