Everything You Should Know about DSL Internet

If you were around when the internet first saw the light of day, you’d likely be amazed by the then revolutionary technology. On the other hand, you wouldn’t have been able to talk on your phone and surf the web at the same time. This was until the end of the dial-up era and the … Read more Everything You Should Know about DSL Internet

The Benefits of AT&T U-verse Internet Service

Selecting an Internet service provider is a very big issue. Choose well and the service is likely to be reliable and more than satisfactory. Choose poorly, however, and frustration will be in the cards. That’s why it is worth the time to explore the benefits of AT&T Internet service. AT&T U-verse Internet service is part … Read more The Benefits of AT&T U-verse Internet Service

High Speed Internet – Really?

Accidentally I came across a website of one of the high speed Internet providers in Vancouver, BC, Canada. It was Novus Internet service offering speeds of up to 300 Mbps. The lowest speed was 25 Mbps. Man! I decided to search for more providers in the same area and also came across companies like Telus … Read more High Speed Internet – Really?


As more cable providers step up to offer high speed Internet, television and voice service rolled into a single package, Comcast is no different. This company has answered the call for a single-bill service with its Comcast XFINITY package. Like others on the market, Comcast XFINITY delivers digital cable television service, home telephone and high-speed … Read more Comcast XFINITY

The Beauty Of The Internet

It used to be that an Internet connection at home would only provide users with a few minor perks. They could surf a few websites, share opinions on bulletin board systems and maybe email a family member or two. The times have changed. Thanking to the high speed Internet, its today’s users now enjoy a … Read more The Beauty Of The Internet

Verizon FiOS

Verizon FiOS is a 100% fiber-optics based high speed Internet service which includes TV and phone services as well. It can be ordered as Internet only, or as Internet service in combination with TV and/or phone. Phone service is VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) based which differs from traditional phone line as this one uses … Read more Verizon FiOS

AT&T High Speed Internet

Local cable companies and Internet service providers aren’t the only ones who can deliver high speed access these days. AT&T offers its customers a distinct option they can even rolled into a bundle with voice and television service. AT&T U-verse provides consumers with a variety of features in all three main service areas. Its U-verse … Read more AT&T High Speed Internet

Compare AT&T U-verse packages

Saving money on home telephone service, cable television and Internet access has become much easier as more companies roll these three options into a single service plan. For those who want to enjoy the power AT&T services can deliver, there are plenty of programming options. The company, in fact, offers it U-verse customers a wide … Read more Compare AT&T U-verse packages

High Speed Internet: DSL vs. Fiber

DSL and fiber optics are on the opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to comparing high speed Internet options in almost every way. The best way to show these comparisons is to show the same company’s performance over DSL and fiber optics. Here are some more of the difference between DSL and fiber … Read more High Speed Internet: DSL vs. Fiber

AT&T Wi-Fi

AT&T Wi-Fi (or AT&T wireless Internet) allows subscribers to access remote wireless Internet access via laptops or Wi-Fi enabled devices (such as a PDA) to an AT&T Wi-Fi Hot Spot. This allows high-speed Internet access in many locations without having to plug into a port. The AT&T Wi-Fi network is available in some of the … Read more AT&T Wi-Fi