Qwest @Ease

Qwest have long been a name in the whole “bundle” scene, providing high quality cell phone, telephone, voice, web and television service all for one low monthly bill, so it’s nice to see that they’re taking this same approach to internet security with their Qwest @Ease suite. So what is Qwest @Ease, exactly? Besides its … Read more

Qwest Bundles

Qwest bundles are not really services provided by Qwest itself, but rather Qwest high speed Internet, Wi-Fi by AT&T, Qwest Home Phone, DIRECTV for TV, and Verizon for wireless. The speed of Qwest High Speed Internet ranges from 1.5 Mbps to 20 Mbps (up to of course, not guaranteed). This service also includes Wi-Fi from … Read more

Qwest Internet Services

Internet services are simple, really. Most of what we get from the web is through our hardware and software, so what it really comes down to in picking a provider is a simple list of categories: Speed, price, reliability, and customer support. Beyond that, it’s all marketing and fluff, really. So in looking at how … Read more