The AT&T U-verse TV Wireless Receiver – An Industry First

The AT&T U-verse wireless receiver is truly an industry first. AT&T U-verse is the first of its kind as is. They were the first to offer complete Internet based streaming for television. Other companies were a combination of cable and Internet. To continue their innovation, they created a new way to watch TV almost anywhere in the home with the U-verse wireless receiver.

Users don’t have to get used to a new type of receiver. Instead, the receiver works just like the standard AT&T DVR, except wireless. All of the same features are available such as DVR, channel guides and on-demand titles. Any features from the standard wired set-top boxes are still available with the new wireless receivers.

Before the AT&T U-verse TV wireless receiver, users were forced to physically connect a box to every TV they wanted to use the service on. This limited users to only viewing TV in rooms with an available outlet. AT&T decided to make TV wireless. Essentially, TV viewing is now similar to wireless home Internet.

Now, users can view TV without an available outlet. The wireless receiver transmits the signal to other TVs throughout the home that are within range of the receiver or access point. By allowing viewers the freedom to watch TV without installing additional hardware, AT&T has become the industry leader in television watching once again.

AT&T’s new receiver allows customers to prevent the hassle of moving TVs and furniture around to match the available outlets in a room and home. Now a TV can be placed almost anywhere in the home, including outdoors. This saves customers money on installing outlets or paying a professional to do it for them.

Just because the equipment is advanced, the setup process isn’t. This makes AT&T’s new receiver stand out even more. The installation process is easier than ever. The receiver connects to a TV with an outlet. The receiver then connects to an available power source. A wireless access point is placed in the home to extend the signal throughout other rooms. The entire process is quick and easy. Whether a technician does the installation or the customer, it takes only minutes from start to finish so users can watch TV as soon as possible.

AT&T has become an industry leader in the Internet TV business for their innovative ideas. Their industry first U-verse TV wireless receiver is just another reason they are well respected and highly popular for Internet TV which is based on the U-verse Internet.

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