Verizon FiOS Bundles

At one point in time, “a bundle of joy” was a baby not an inexpensive internet, telephone and television derives provider. Nowadays, bundling seems to be the way these companies prefer to sell their goods and services. Indeed, if you have only one of the 3 options with a company, you receive repeated calls and mail extolling the virtues of a bundle and encouraging you to sign up for a complete package. Verizon FiOS is no different than the competition when it comes to this practice.

Verizon FiOS Triple Play
With Verizon FiOS Triple Play, neither the name nor the concept is unique or astoundingly different (Comcast and other companies use the same term). The customer receives telephone, television and internet services in a discount bundle. The extent of the services depends upon the price paid. The addition of a multi-room DVR is a welcome addition as is a free wireless router. The price paid is always “starting at” since the packages within the bundle may alter to fit the preferences of either the customer or the provider. The call plan is limited –international calls are not part of a Verizon FiOS bundle. And never, ever believe phone calls are unlimited. The number is the “unlimited” norm.

Verizon FiOS Double Play
Double play is simply the preference for 2 out of the 3 services/products provided by Verizon FiOS. The same limitations and restrictions apply. Moreover, neither plan really mentions the extra costs.

The Forgotten Extra Costs
What consumers tend to forget are all the extra costs. There are the taxes and the charges that increase after the trial period of a feature runs out. Verizon FiOS is no better than cable companies or satellite. They charge an extra penny, dime or dollar for “extra” features. For Verizon FiOS this includes such things as:

  • The Internet Security Suite – this consists of automatic malware updates, scheduled virus and spyware scans. Forgive me, but doesn’t your computer do that already – or it should if you have had it engaged with the internet for any length of time
  • Equipment Protection Plans – in case you want to have on site service, troubleshooting, repair and replacement
  • Backup and Sharing – sounds self explanatory to me
  • Movies including many from the Video On Demand Library
  • Games not included in the bundle package
  • Unlimited download
  • Any premium programs not part of the bundle e.g. HBO


Verizon is not the originator of bundling. They are also not particularly original. When it comes to choosing a company, it is more about price and the individual’s taste and availability in the region. Verizon FiOS is comparable to cable companies in some areas and better than others in different areas are. What they lack, as yet, is an overall national geographic presence.

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