Verizon FiOS

Verizon is a company that dates back to 1983. It bore the name of Bell Atlantic at this point and was one of several “Baby Bells” in existence in the United States. The name Verizon arose from the 2000 merger with GTE. Verizon FiOS is a specialized department of the parent company. It provides its users with the opportunity to receive high speed Internet, TV, and voice in FiOS – Verizon’s fiber optic based network.

What Is FiOS?

FiOS involves the use of fiber optic technology to deliver high speed Internet connection. It utilizes fiber optic cables (some say optical fiber cables) in the sending and receiving of transmission data. Telecommunication companies are currently expanding its usage because the fiber optic offer greater bandwidth and less interference. The wires are lighter and thinner than metal. The system is also digital, rather than analogue.
While fiber optic technology offers benefits, it is labor intensive in its initial implementation. The glass fibers also require more protection than their copper counterpart. As a result, the process over to residential usage has been slow. While some companies utilize fiber optic technology for certain aspects of their delivery system (like AT&T U-verse), Verizon FiOS can legitimately claim their system is completely 100% fiber optics.

What Does Verizon FiOS Offer Its Clients?

Verizon FiOS provides its clients with a number of related or integrated services. These fall into the trio of:

  • High Speed Internet
  • Television
  • Telephone

FiOS high speed Internet is mandatory for FiOS TV and phone services. It is possible to purchase each item separately – as a single unit. It is also possible to buy a bundle. As a result, you can obtain the three together as Verizon FiOS Triple Play or as Verizon FiOS Double Play. Double Play means you get internet and television service but not a telephone landline. Furthermore, with each bundle, you receive free of charge for 3 months the Total Home DVX Promotion. After 3 months, you have the option of keeping it for an additional fee.
Additional fees are an integral part of increasing overall service standards. For example, the internet bundle has additional costs if you wish to add the Internet Security Suite and extra games.
Verizon FiOS does promise its clients fast, efficient services. It states the follow-up and on-going customer and technical services are exceptional. Many customers and critics agree. In 2010, wrote that Verizon FiOS was the “The Fastest ISP in the Nation.”

Where Are The Geographical Regions Of FiOS?

The problem with obtaining Verizon FiOS lies with location. It is not available throughout the entire United States. It is only possible to obtain it in certain regions. This means not everyone can enjoy or find distaste in the Verizon FiOS experience.


Verizon FiOS is a new branch of a much older company. Its focus is establishing itself in the telecommunications market. What differentiates it from other companies is its emphasis on delivering its surfaces using fiber optic technology exclusively.

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